World of Tanks Talk Tentative Targets Towards the New Year

With 2017 being the year of Mobile MMORPGs, 2018 looks like it will be...once again, the year of Mobile MMORPGs. That isn't very surprising, but 2018 will also have many things in store for player's favorite MMORPGs.

Especially now, during the holiday season, many devs will want to take this time to outline their plans for the upcoming year. World of Tanks is one such game, where Wargaming has published a 2018 Preview. For 2018, World of Tanks hopes to focus on "delivering greater visual and sound fidelity," as well as adding on to the gameplay, and adding new events.

The biggest thing to note would be a new graphics engine. Slated for a March release in 2018, the new engine has been four years in the making. Wargaming wishes to give World of Tanks a modern look, while making sure it can still run smoothly - with new new in-house engine, known as CORE.

World of Tanks promises a lot of things. Better optimization, remastered sound, and better visual fidelity. It's hard not to mention PUBG, which prior to its 1.0 release not too long ago, suffered from many performance issues. If PUBG's performance can be improved, then I am confident that Wargaming can deliver on their promises of a far greater improved gameplay experience.

Check out the trailer for World of Tanks 1.0 down below, slated for March 2018.