World of Tanks Launches Patch 9.20, Massive 30v30 Tank Battles Arrive as Well

What kind of madman looks at a video game, and thinks to themselves, "lets make the biggest cluster**** that we can?" Apparently, the people behind World of Tanks are those kind of madmen. Patch 9.20 has arrived, and has brought with it a whole slew of changes.

Mainly, there are a lot of vehicle changes. This is a massive balancing patch, with changes to just about every major tank. SPG improvements as well, with a new set of variables that dictate how stuns work. New Chinese Tank Destroyer weapons, previously exclusive to the Chinese version of the game.

But that's all boring - LETS TALK 30 V 30 TANK BATTLES! Players have been asking for larger battles, on larger battlefields. Officially, they are known as Grand Battles, but unofficially, they are known as a fun time, where players fight on a giant 1.4x1.4 km^2 Nebelburg map. Only Tier X vehicles can be used, and the number of SPGs is limited to 4 per team. The rules are the same, however - destroy all enemies, or capture the enemy base, within 15 minutes of combat. The number of Bonds is tied directly to the XP you earn during this battle. More XP, more Bonds. Check out the full video regarding Patch 9.20 down below!