Worlds Adrift Sets Sail on Stronger Ships, Surprisingly Savage Surroundings

All alliterations aside (that one wasn't intentional, I swear), Worlds Adrift is planning to release Update 0.1.4 next week. Focusing heavily on ship building, the dev team plans to make it easier to access parts necessary to create the aircraft of your dreams.

Similarly, ships setting sail soon shall not have to worry about grappling hooks - an ability to add temporary immunity is coming! Additionally, the formula to calculate damage (regarding physics collisions) has been revamped. The developers want ships to be, not necessarily more durable, but less fragile.

To compensate, though - environments are now more deadly. Badlands have no fuel in them, at all. Stormwalls are harder to navigate. And to make matters worse, Herb has made a youtube video on all these changes coming soon!

Wait, that's a good thing. That's definitely a good thing. Catch it down below!