World Of Warcraft Design Producer Stephan Frost Leaves Blizzard For Nexon

nexon headquarters logoLast week, World of Warcraft Senior Design Producer Stephan Frost announced on Twitter that he was leaving Blizzard Entertainment for a “big opportunity” that he felt he “had to take.” Well, know we know where he's gone.

Frost is close-mouthed about the details of Nexon’s unannounced title but what he did say was that he’s “cautiously optimistic” about it. We’ll keep you in the loop when we find out more.

  • Preciel

    this was a great choice, joining the company that tries to bankrupt children's parents 😛

    • darkfyra

      Atleast Blizzard is not a crappy pay2win company

      • Delmorir

        Really? Have you seen hearthstone recently?

        • darkfyra

          I no longer play it since a good time ago,even if I do have a code for a card pack inside my Starcraft 2 battle chest

  • rainbowunicornforce

    i bet $100 he got fire