X-Legend Unveils Laplace


The 2016 calendar year has just begun and X-Legend has unveiled a new action MMORPG called Laplace. Unlike X-Legend's standard fare, Laplace is also an isometric MMORPG like recent titles Devilian and Elite Lord of Alliance. According to MMOCulture, the game will have more of a story focus than other X-Legend titles. It will feature four classes and six weapon types. Weapons will provide active skills beyond those of the class' skills.

Much like Wizardry Online, Dungeons will feature traps. Some fairly stereotypical examples are given, such as spikes and fire arrows. The bosses that reside in these dungeons will each drop a "super-rare boss weapon." These boss weapons will allow players to use skills normally only accessible by the boss. They will also be able to "overkill" players by, for example, physically throwing the player around the boss room.

No release date has been revealed yet.