ZeniMax Forces Indie Studio To Change Game Name

ZeniMax Media, who you may know for The Elder Scrolls Online, recently threatened legal action against an indie developer for Kickstarted survival game Prey for the Gods. Why? Because the game name "Prey for the Gods" is too similar to "Prey:" the upcoming FPS by Bethesda Softworks, a subsidiary of ZeniMax. Oh boy. ZeniMax's legal team must be bored.

In a newsletter No Matter Studios announced a change to the name. "Prey of the Gods" is now "Praey of the Gods."

This is really something no starting company should have to deal with let alone a tiny team of 3. So the fact that we came out the other end intact still developing the game was a win. One that will no doubt shape our company moving forward.

Can't blame No Matter Studios for acquiescing, regardless of how asinine the trademark complaint is. Of course, this isn't about justice. It's about who can swing their bigger lawyer team around.

I am glad to see that No Matter Studios survived in one piece, and will continue developing Praey for the Gods to push it towards alpha release.

  • Max Alexander Nicol

    I'm not copyright or intellectual property lawyer...

    But is there even a slight chance that Zenimax were forced to defend their IP to avoid future copyright defence issues? Doesn't seem like it was strong enough stuff.

  • Vanilla Thunder

    if those indie devs got a lawyer, they would've won the case.

    • Max Alexander Nicol

      I think so too.

      However that would be costly, especially to an indie group that are probably trying to keep costs down as it is. A shame really.

    • HNN

      Probably not worth the time and money to deal with that