ZeniMax President Matt Firor Confirms New AAA Game In The Works

zenimax online logoZeniMax Online Studios President Matt Firor confirmed that the studio is working on a new game in an interview appearing in the June 2019 issue of Xbox: The Official Magazine. Firor, however, was close-mouthed about the details of the project except for the fact that it’s a triple-A game being developed using a new engine.

“Not a lot of people have picked up on this, but if you look on our job site you’ll see that we are accepting applications for people to work on a new engine for a new triple-A game. So yes, we have ideas, but we’re committed to ESO for as long as it takes.”

As of now, that’s about all we know about the game. Is it another MMO or a single player game? Is it a new IP or a spin-off or sequel of an existing one? It’s probably not a new Elder Scrolls game with Elder Scroll 6 already in the works. Probably not a Fallout game either with Fallout 76 fresh off the shelves. My guess is as good as yours. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.