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My.com is a Russian-owned company that focuses on providing communication and entertainment products and services through applications and games for various platforms.

Official Site: My.com
Company Size: 50+ Employees
Region(s): United States, Amsterdam (HQ)
Year Founded: 2012
Phone Number: +1-650-383-5778
Email: pr@corp.my.com

My.com was established in 2012 and currently operates as a subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, one of largest internet companies in Russia. Mail.Ru Group runs two of the largest social networking sites in Russia as well as two of the largest instant messaging networks in the country. The internet giant also runs Russia’s leading email service and its largest internet portal. As part of Mail.Ru Group, My.com shares the same vision of creating and providing digital services that integrates communication and entertainment platforms, dubbed as “Commutainment” myMail is one of the company's best-selling apps. myMail is a free mobile email client which lets users manage different email accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo, MS Outlook and AOL, and uses a clear and simple interface designed for easy email management. The company also developed myChat, a mobile messaging application for iOS and Android devices that allows users to send free text, voice and video messaging to other users of the app. They also run myGames, a collection of free mobile and PC games developed and published by My.com, including their upcoming racing game for Windows, World of Speed. The company currently has two main offices located in Amsterdam and in the US.

Published Client Games

Online Client (Download to play) published by My.com:

Armored Warfare
World of Speed (coming soon)

Published Browser Games

Browser based published by My.com:

Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

Mobile Games

Mobile Games developed by My.com:

Lucky Fields (Android/ iOS)
Poker Arena (Android/ iOS)
Evolution: Battle of Utopia (Android/ iOS)
Jungle Heat (Android/ iOS)
Iron Desert (Android/ iOS)
Might and Glory  (Android/ iOS)

Contact Info

My.com Contact Information:

Email: pr@corp.my.com
Games media inquiries: pr-games@corp.my.com
Phone Number (US): +1-650-383-5778
Corporate Address (HQ): Zuidplein 36, 1077 XV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Satellite Office (US): 201 San Antonio Circle, Mountain View, CA 94040 United States

Useful Links

My.Com Official Website
My.com Wikipedia Profile
My.com Linkedin Profile
My.com Bloomberg Financial Profile

  • Solince

    Dude I've been fighting with them for months about the ban on my account after a hacker used my account to buy over 300 dollars of game money that i had NOTHING to do with! They wont unban me until they get compensated for it of which i told them several times i had nothing to do with it seeing as my account had been hacked, they still refuse to unban my account even though there shitty security is the reason i got hacked in the first place!

  • Pry Archer Pwi

    Worst company in 15 years MMOs.
    Everything the guy with a wall of text said is 100% true.

    They took over one amazing game and managed to kill it in less than a year.

    Real support is non existent, ban waves of innocent people that take weeks to fix.
    Announcents not met.
    Constant web sales for cash grab.
    Bugs reported for months with no fix.

    Features that help F2P and exist in other versions get removed to promote p2w.

    Forum posts deleted, bans over PVPing moderators, etc etc

    My account was hacked along with email, personal email, discord etc, and they say it was a different IP logging it last time so it was shared = Ban.
    Usually its always a different IP that hacks your account I would say.

    Do not touch this company products if you value your time and money.

  • Noby

    Worst company i have ever countered.

    They don't even know how to change email address

    i have contacted their "different" (same) departments all day and so far no one knows how to change email address to your account ahahahaha

    i'd give 0 starts if it was possible.

  • MadMike

    This company is one of the most blatantly "in your face with draining your pockets" I've so far encountered.
    The rating is very fitting - however, they have some really goof Community Management employees (at least on Armored Warfare in 2016, not sure if they're still there). Other than that, horrible money squeezers.