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Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare is a 3D tactical tank battling MMO set in modern times with realistic graphics and gameplay. Like other tank battling MMOs, Armored Warfare places a huge emphasis on teamwork and strategic play.

Publisher: My.com (Mail.ru Group)
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Tank Shooter
Release Date: October 8, 2015
Pros: +Modern setting. +PvE and PvP options. +Unique micromanagement features.
Cons: -Secondhand tech tree. -Some wonky animations. -Poor tutorial.



Armored Warfare Overview

Armored Warfare is a realistic, modern day, tactical military game with a strong emphasis on realism. The game was definitely inspired by the success of "World of Tanks," but unlike World of Tanks, Armored Warfare is set in modern times. Players will wage war across various unique terrains from deserts to forests to frigid icelands. Given the game's commitment to realism, different terrains will impact vehicle speed and maneuverability. Players who get their tank turrets damaged will also suffer from decreased accuracy and if damaged further will be unable to fire for a duration.

Armored Warfare Key Features:

  • Modern Setting – battle in modern military hardware like the M1 Abrams Tank. Tanks from the 1950s till modern day are available.
  • Destructible Environments – fight across a wide range of environments, from verdant jungles to sun-stroked deserts, where nearly every object can be destroyed.
  • Micromanagement Features – your crew gains experience and acquires unique talents while constructing your base using raw materials allots special bonuses to your stats.
  • Customization System each vehicle type has its own unique perk and players can customize their tanks.
  • Anti-Griefing System – friendly fire / ramming will be punished.
  • Five Vehicle Classes Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), Armored Reconnaissance Vehicles (AFVs), Light Tanks, Tank Destroyers, and Artillery.

Armored Warfare Screenshots

Armored Warfare Featured Video

Full Review

Armored Warfare Review

By Sean Sullivan

Vehicle shooters are surprisingly popular and nearly every avenue of transportation has been explored. But that hasn’t stopped My.com from entering the arena donning their best Patton impression. Armored Warfare is a tactical tank shooter set against a modern world rendered by CryEngine. Premature conclusions suggest that Armored Warfare is a World of Tanks doppelganger, but that’s an unjustified assumption. Yes, it’s another tank shooter. But Armored Warfare offers enough novelty to deserve recognition. It’s an engaging experience and breathes new life into a concept that has, perhaps, overstayed it's welcome.

Talk About A Pretty Sunset

I headed into a PvP battle, set in the midst of a mountainous jungle. While waiting for the match to start helicopters swarmed overhead while hot artillery fire exploded. Maps are not just inhabited by player-tanks trekking across dirt roads; the world feels alive. Your tank squadron is another piece on a greater chessboard. Planes immolate and crash into clay cities while jets scream overhead. While NPC’s breathe life into the game, russet sunsets show off the engine’s lighting effects and thick vegetation blankets the landscape. It’s clearly CryEngine and it looks good. Not cutting-edge but good.

Nearly every object on the map is destructible, bunkering under the colossal force of a 62 metric ton rolling cannon. Trees, stone walls, peasant's meager homes, all fall prey to the tank's might. However, oftentimes there’s a missing connection between the tank and environmental objects, a logical leap between cause and effect. Walls crumble but shatter before a sense of contact is made. Pipes explode around a surface irreflective of my tank's dimensions. The hitbox must be a square surrounding the tank leading to disconcerting animations to hawkish eyes.

Lead-Footed Behemoths

From the encapsulated cockpit, the lumbering tanks feel realistically sluggish. The metal beasts respond lackadaisically, making each turn a negotiation. Backing away from an enemy is anxiety-driven, as you crawl towards some hope of safety and hopefully don’t ram an ally (I’ve exploded caressing the hull of a friendly). The tanks move how my inexperienced imagination envisions them, slow. Since you don’t move with finesse, you’re forced to approach conflict tactically. Pummeling towards a group of hostiles will bring about destruction.

Tank Royale

PvP games typically function like a deathmatch even when a secondary objective secures victory—such as capturing the enemy’s base. Each team starts on opposite ends of the map and tanks branch out along the environment's various trails where each path leads to a firefight.

Once an enemy is in your line-of-sight, it’s a matter of point-and-click—although your tank will have to be grounded as the cannon can’t aim below its threshold. Players tended to huddle together, a dangerous tactic; it’s easier to shoot a cluster of targets than a singular bulls-eye. Each vehicle has a different rate of fire. After one fusillade piloting my Patton 44, I was offenseless, waiting to reload for six seconds. So, my best option was to roleplay an oversized-surreptitious sniper, peaking from behind concrete walls to fire off a volley before returning to safety. Every vehicle is optimized for functionality. My XM800T is better equipped to avoid enemy detection while my LAV-150 provided spotting bonuses to allies.

When players spot an enemy tank, their comrades are automatically alerted to the enemy’s presence by a red indicator. This seemed too easy and prevented flanking. It feels like everyone has wallhacks and it’s a matter of who gets the jump on an enemy player or has ally support in an engagement. It felt unfair because Armored Warfare fails to explain an essential mechanic that works in conjunction with spotting.

You have to take advantage of Armored Warfare’s camouflage mechanic. Every vehicle has a camouflage stat determining how easily it can be spotted within a particular context: whether it’s shooting, moving, or frolicking in the bushes. In the bottom left-hand side of the screen is the Environmental Camouflage Indicator (ETI). Circular segmented lines light up when portions of your tank are hidden by environmental factors within a 30 meter radius. If a mountain is at my right flank, then the right segments light up. The more camouflage offered by the environment, the brighter the segment become. The tactician searches for cover in foliage, or around structures, while paying attention to the ETI—using the environment to surprise enemy vehicles.

Working Together

My favorite aspect of the game is its cooperative PvE missions. It’s a rare feature in today’s nearly multiplayer-exclusive market. Along with four other players, you complete objectives combating NPC tanks. Besides the rudimentary narrative (that is voice-acted), it plays out nearly identical to PvP mode. However, instead of an equal number of enemy behemoths, you're faced with an onslaught of NPC tanks conjured out of the dirt. It’s not difficult but death is still a possibility; tactics are not exclusive to handling enemy players. PvE can become repetitive, especially when RNG delivers the same mission three times. But since missions reward money and experience towards Proven status, it’s a strategic way to purchase upgrades for newly acquired tanks, before heading back into the PvP arena.

Tired Progression

If you’ve played any other vehicle shooter then Armored Warfare’s advancement system will be familiar. Each vehicle has a series of upgrades that must be purchased with Proven points, earned by participating in battles. There are five spheres of upgrades: Armor, Firepower, Mobility, Technology, and Proven. The last can only be purchased when you’ve earned the Proven status and awards cash in exchange for Proven. After you’ve upgraded a slot, such as purchasing the 20mm KAD-B13-3 Autocannon for the M113, you’ll have to spend money to buy it. Nothing in this world is free.

Purchasing new tanks is a routine process, featured in nearly every similarly genre-defined game I’ve played (whether it be War Thunder or World of Warships). Once you’ve acquired Proven status for a vehicle, you unlock its subsequent upgrade. The M113 unlocks the Patton 48 and the LAV-150 and both must be purchased with cash to acquire. There are five vehicle types to use, as is typical. It’s a system that feels recycled, stale like there’s only one flavor of ice cream—it tastes great at first but grows bland.

An upgrade feature I do enjoy is your crew. As you gain experience so do they, unlocking equippable talents. It’s a deeper level of micromanagement that lets you customize your play style through incremental bonuses, such as improved aiming speed. Along with your crew is base-building, a feature I suspect will pop up more often after Metal Gear Solid V. Every day you receive 100 Raw materials used to construct your base and each building provides a stat bonus. The academy increases commander XP earned by 2% whereas the Command Center increases Free XP earned. It's another feature that brings depth to the game, breaking up the repetitiveness rhythm.

Armored Warfare's early game does not feel like a grind. Most don’t, otherwise new players would be dissuaded from playing. Map variety, frequent upgrades, and two game modes repel tediousness. And after nearly every match, you’ll have enough dollar bills hanging out of your pocket to upgrade some module on your tank. It’s rewarding to acquire incremental improvements. As expected, each subsequent advancement increases the grind time. So impatient players, or those who have lost the initial zeal, may become tempted to increase their experience accumulation.

Cash Only

Beyond purchasing three tiers of founder’s packs, players can invest in Armored Warfare by purchasing gold. Gold is exchanged for Global Reputation and used to buy modules. Or it can be used directly to purchase Premium Vehicles, such as the T92 or LAV-150. Despite this, I wouldn’t label 9-carat vehicles “pay to win.” Judging them by their stats, they seem better balanced than the in-game vehicles but don’t offer an overwhelming advantage. Gold can also buy premium time, earning players 75% more gold and experience. While that may seem unfair, Armored Warfare’s matchmaking pairs players driving similarly tiered vehicles. So a paying patron can’t use higher-tier vehicles in low-tier matches.

Final Verdict - Good

Armored Warfare is an engaging arcade-stylized tank shooter that features distinct mechanics culminating in a deserved recognition apart from its competitors. But at face-value judgment, it is another vehicle shooter, featuring a similar UI, gameplay modes, and advancement systems that all seem designed by the same developer. Fervent fans of tank shooters will appreciate the systems in place in Armored Warfare but general players may miss the subtleties. However, that doesn’t dismiss its worth. Armored Warfare is the quintessential tank shooter. But it may not be enough to stand out in the general audience's eyes.


Armored Warfare Screenshots


Armored Warfare Videos

System Requirements

Armored Warfare System Requirements

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (64 Bit OS)
CPU: Core i5-4440 @ 3.1 GHz or better
Video Card: GeForce GTX 275 or better
Hard Disk Space: ~10 GB

Obsidian Entertainment only released recommended system requirements for Armored Warfare. Minimum system requirements will be added once available.


Armored Warfare Music & Soundtrack

Coming Soon!

Additional Info

Armored Warfare Additional Information

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: My.com
Game Engine: CryEngine
Beta Date: May 27, 2015 (Early Access Test)

Development History / Background:

Armored Warfare was developed by Irvine, California based Obsidian Entertainment and built using CryEngine. Obsidian Entertainment is a world renowned game developer and has previously developed Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Sungeon Siege 3, and more. Armored Warfare was first announced on March 20, 2014 when Obsidian announced that they began working on a modern tank-centric military MMO. Armored Warfare is the first MMO to be developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

  • Armored Warfare looks pretty awesome. I hope it has the same scale as World of Tanks. Having huge tank battles is awesome. Graphically, this looks amazing.

  • Michael E Heis

    If it is like WoT than it is shite and dead already. In fact if you look on almost every review site and forum there is ZERO interest in this game. Looks like a failure from the start which is why you have to buy your way into beta with cash.

    • Having to buy your way into a beta is a terrible concept IMO, but devs are making big bucks off it.

    • Brian

      Well if by "If it is like WoT than it is shite and dead already" you mean that another game TRYING to be like WOT would be dead in the water - you would be correct.

      But if you are saying that WOT its self is Shite and dead? Well that would be odd seeing as WOT is the 6th most played online game in the world currently.

  • plintu

    This is such a sham of a game! they are going to make this game just like WOT, those with the fattest credit card will rock the AW world.. I signed up to be a beta tester, they send me a link then tell me I will beta test then get to try keep a little bit of extras for beta testing. I friggin download the HUMUNGUS 20GB game and get it all installed only to get something telling me I have to make a pruchase to be a beta testing founder. and I cannot play unless i Pay. What a friggin sham. This is a dishonest bait and switch company and the game will be purely wallet motivated. will be no better than wot. so if you want to be great at this game get that credit card out and get ready to charge it up you big ol winner! I suggest to everyone stay away from this game and stick with wot at least they already known and you know what you are getting, you wont be blindly ripped off and waste your time. Next time AW be honest dont make people download 20 GB of data then switch and tell them they have to pay to play say it upfront you ripoff artists!

    • Realist

      under what rock did you breed from? 90% of closed beta games you will have to pay to be a beta tester. is 20GB large for you, then I understand, you better get back to your candy crush game. and if you Candy crush fan, you will NEVER like proper games.

      • Norman J Holman

        90% boy they see you coming from a mile away don't they, Pay to play a closed beta reworking all the time game, You don't have to pay well unless its you.

  • Brent

    I have played it since start and have also played World of Tanks. Armored Warfare blows World of Tanks right out of the water. It's like the devs sat down with a list of things in WoT that pissed people off and said 'ok, no doing this, this..." So on and so forth. Different shell types MATTER in this game, with HEAT doing more damage to APCs and other lightly armored vehicles than SABOT, which overmatches and actually goes straight through, not dealing the entire amount of damage it could. Shooting commanders hatches or other small parts only gives a fraction of the possible damage of your shells. The artillery system is neat, with counterbattery easily possible (shoot and scoot folks) and support shells such as smoke and illumination shells, yet the arty is balanced. No one hit kills. People don't hide from artillery the entire match long like in WoT. There are Anti-Tank missiles and systems which defeat them. You have ERA armor which negates HE and HEAT rounds but is a diminishing asset. If you need to fall back, almost every single tank can pop smoke. Your commanders have their own perks and bonuses they give when you assign them to a tank. You can build a base with stuff you get from doing matches and logging in during the day. The buildings in the base increase your rep gain, your credit gain, your xp for your crew and commanders, and even reduce the cost to buy premium account time.
    PVP plays like WoT except the victory bonus is only 25% more than the creds and rep the losing team gets. The PVE isn't bad either, the bots are challenging and at higher difficulties you NEED a good team to succeed and not get stomped into the ground. Also, PVE play is a viable way to grind through the tank roster since the gains are measured out to roughly equal what you'd get in PVP for the same amount of gameplay. Add to that the fact that the game is much prettier and runs smoother than WoT and it's a no brainer. The game is simply better than WoT.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like the fact that the game features modern tanks. Feels more relevant to today + helps differentiate itself from WoT

    • Bruce Wayne

      1. the spotting system sucks ass , promotes campy play. Drive a fast scout to a point and there , you spot half of the map and you can't get near it because there are 100 campers in the back nuking your ass. Almost all the games are the same.
      2. graphics ...what a letdown. this implementation just mocks cryengine.
      3. Physics ... terrible. A thin wall of barbed wire can stop your tank like it is a concrete bunker. Tanks feel like driving boxes. Just terrible.
      3.Rockets are destroying the game at middle tier

    • Norman J Holman

      Yea right, so how much they paying you to talk them up?

  • Adrian Swift

    Played AW from EA1 onwards. Initially it had all the hall marks of a great game. Sadly, its veered off course somewhat in its attempt to compete directly with WoT. AW has become a fast paced, arcade style, Team death match with a heavy focus on MBT play. Maps are so small they almost prevent co-operative team play because the vehicles move so fast. Speaking of which, the CryEngine 3 platform has some major issues when it comes to client - server - client communication, which makes shooting at Fast moving targets extremely difficult. Speaking of CryEngine 3.. Unless you have a reasonably modern computer you going to have a hard time running the game at a reasonable frame rate. Combat (with their limited RNG damage system), basically boils down to "Who shoots first wins" and the spotting system makes "Peek-a-boo" tactics almost impossible. Camo, and armor are both equally effective in their way. Its a game that encourages fast paced play and punishes any form of stationary play, which makes playing a Tank Destroyer problematic at best. Especially on the tiny corridor style maps.
    But its not all bad.. The graphics are nice if your computer can handle it. I have an i7 with a GTX 980Ti and I regularly see FPS between 40 - 90. The broken spotting system means you can often shoot at the enemy and stay totally invisible to them. The sounds are reasonable, not great, but not as bad as they once were. You don't need to enter the game with a great deal of tactical knowledge because for the most part, which ever flank has the most tanks wins (thanks to the limited RNG and the 'he who shoots first wins' principle). As far as skill, you can play this game when your half asleep and still do well, which is another advantage.
    Over all, its a nice Tank based Team Death Match. Plays totally different to Wot and frankly is no threat to WoT itself, not in its current state of development.

    • Adrian Swift

      Ooh, Is also like to point out the Diabolical treatment of the community.
      As Plintu mentioned... Founders packs were on sale right upto 10am on the 8th. Once the Open Beta began those packs were removed and almost immediately replaced with "Collectors editions". The most noticeable change was the 'Emperor' Pack which replaced the Lord or War Founders pack. But for $5 more players got More Credits, Extra Premium vehicles, two exclusive vehicles, more premium time, and Bonus time. When some purchasers of the Founders packs discovered that within 24 hours of their purchase their pack was superseded by something that was just $5 more, and held a much greater game value they quite rightly complained. Their complaints were immediately shut down and they were told to shut up.
      (imagine paying $70 for something, and then seeing it replaced by a far superior product for just $5 more just 2 hours later without warning. Id be pissed off too. Obsidians stance on it is: "So what". Nice way to treat your community.)
      Other purchasers are actually Still missing their purchased Bundles and are left with a nice Debit on their credit card and very little to show for it. Customer Service has been very slow to respond to those cases.
      The forums are covered in complaints and problems that are either ignored, dismissed or just deleted by the Admin and Moderator staff.

      • Wow. That's a pretty terrible way of doing business. Why on earth would they alienate their founders pack buyers by releasing something much better for $5 more. They best get their act together...

      • Alex

        Yeah, you're just spreading bullshit. The LoW was way better than Emperors, and those complaints were rightly ignored.

    • Brian

      Yeah the control input lag is TERRIBLE!

      Not to mention the REGULAR lag, literally EVERY other game I have EVER played since getting the connection I currently have, all get between 20ms and 55ms with less than 1% packet loss. Armored Warfare? 98ms average, going up to 170ms and round about 5% packet loss FFS!

      I wrote a ticket and they wanted me to CONTACT MY ISP! When I KNEW what their answer would be, and indeed was - that the problem is on THEIR SIDE ENTIRELY!

  • John Park

    Honestly I play both AW and WoT/ I play AW for modern tanks and I play WoT for the gameplay. It feels good to fire your gun in WoT. It might be because of the sound effects or because you do massive damage. The gameplay in WoT is much smoother and more polished. I can't blame AW because AW is in open beta. AW is definitely not a bad game but I feel like most players would stick to WoT and War Thunder for the time being. I have to agree that AW is less grindy than War Thunder and WoT which makes you want to play more since you can unlock more tanks in a short amount of time. One thing I don't like about AW is the sound effects. I don't care if its realistic or fake, it does not sound good. Overall AW is on-par with WoT, but since they're different games, I would play both to get the most out of tank shooter genre.

  • Inimical

    I have played since open beta started and before I comment on the cons, I'd like to say, I really would like to see this game succeed, the wot community is too toxic anymore and wt is just not set up well so I'd like to see AW do well.

    At first my initial opinion was positive, although it was still lacking in many aspects it seemed to have potential. I like the PVE mode, which is really co-op with 5 player squads, but, it is still a nice change that the genre has simply ignored. On easy, you can get used to your new vehicle and make some xp and creds at the same time. On med, you can get an idea how the hard and insane(insane is not out yet) will play. The PVE mode is very limited at the moment, but, it's supposed to be getting much more in depth and have factions as well as end game features. Right now though, you will only play the same 3 or 4 missions over and over each day, with some missions be exchanged on a daily basis. This get pretty old really fast, as the AI spawns are not only predictable but they will spawn with the highest tier equal to the highest tier in the group, so if you're in a tier 5 and someone else is in a tier 8, the majority of AIs will be tier 8. The other downside is the credits earned, as of the last patch, they basically made the rewards for easy the highest and hard, well, crap. You are not rewarded for playing the difficult missions instead, if you want to be rewarded you need to go play easy, go figure.

    Now as for PVP, well it's just like wot, but, on tiny maps, bugged with invisible walls, walls and buildings you can shoot through, a spotting system that is trash, clutter every where and the worst MM ever, if you thought wot -/+ 3 tier system was bad, how about +/- 4.

    And as for the company itself, don't you dare make threads in the forum that show them in a negative light, it will be locked and thrown away. Do even try to warn, expose, or point out any inherent flaws. If you comment on anything that has to do with spending or not spending money, or ask for compensation for the premium time and bonuses you've lost dut to server crashes, unannounced down time, or game breaking mechanics, you will not only be ignored but your post will disappear in the pile of censored and locked threads. I'm sorry but this is unacceptable, they were quick to ask for and take your money, but, then they don't think you deserve full value, appalling!

    So I would have to say, as much as I expected a decent game from a developer who has released many awesome titles, this isn't looking to good. Perhaps the free to play market isn't a good place for them. The dynamics are very different, from day 1 to the day the game dies they will have to interact daily with the players and I guess that isn't a good thing for them. I guess they need to go back to developing a game for a year behind closed doors and when it's done throw a $60 price tag on it and move on.

    This is only my opinion as it stands now, maybe things will improve, I hope so. But as of today I give AW 2 out of 5.

    • Brian

      Yeah, I TRIED to ask what the hell was up with the buggy assed collision models, Silent Stalker talked to me like an arrogant prick, I responded in kind and pointed out many other bugs I would like fixed, they deleted the thread!

      WoT is A MUCH BETTER GAME! I have been playing Armored Warfare since EA 3 and it really is NOT GOOD! The CryEngine looks terrible as the tanks appear to be made of plastic.

      Overall, feels chinsy and cheap compared to WOT, and furthermore, I am FIRMLY ADDICTED TO World of Warships at this point in time, best game EVER!

  • GeoSyll

    Playerbase:Medium WHAT.

    Update this, Playerbase:Low to nonexistent. The game is nearly dead.

    • Norman J Holman

      Dead and dying fast.

  • Kabuiki

    I really enjoyed this game at first. BUT after spending money purchasing special tanks.. premium time.. etc. it turns out that the game is ruined. This Anti-Griefing System is faulty. It can not tell the difference between intentional friendly fire and accidental friendly fire. When I send in a ticket to their support team, I am ambiguously told that I am a liar. Their support team specialist is and illiterate imbecile named Arthur. Inimical is correct with his review of the company. His review was over a year ago... and it has done nothing but go DOWN HILL since.

    With the HORRIBLE SUPPORT TEAM and FAULTY Anti-Griefing System, I will be uninstalling this game and will not be playing any games associated with this Obsidian or MY.com.

    I also give this game a 2 out of 5.

  • Norman J Holman

    This game is such a JOKE, nothing more needs to be said.

  • Norman J Holman

    SO true

  • Norman J Holman

    Game is dead and making it easier to get higher tier tanks will just make it more of a joke,
    The down fall of this game will not be the game itself it will be the way customer service treats the players, next to their shady underhanded stealing of players money. The game itself will be a fail since they cant even keep the players they have now.
    even the closed Beta tasters say this game is just a bad run at trying to take WOT down.
    So if you want to play a dying game PvP is dead and dying fast PvE is on life support since they have three maps and game play is the same every time. they give you 15 Min to fight a 3 min match, The game is going no ware fast and updating it and showing all the cool stuff is just that showing nothing more, game will be the same in a new wrapper is all. They will still be stealing money till they have another class action suit against them.

  • Norman J Holman

    well .19 is out and made the game the best joke of the year, once again a clone of WOT but a fail of a game.

  • Konishi Yukinaga

    I first played the game when it entered open beta a while back. I took a quite lengthy break and came back last week. My account was reset (I had made it to tier 6). The grind isn't that bad, so this is not as big of a deal as other games, still really annoying though. The new UI that I came back to was changed pretty badly and is really confusing especially for the fact that all features are now locked behind what tier of tank you have.

    PVP is still trash. Matches are almost always horribly one sided. The fact that there are so little people playing this game means that you will almost always be placed with tanks that are upwards of 4 tiers ahead or below you.
    PVE is the only reason that I play the game anymore. It has a good atmosphere + the modern tanks = some really fun matches. There is a downside though; the PVE will quickly get monotonous. There is literally two game types;
    1: Defend 3 objectives from npc's
    2: Capture 3 ojjectives from npc's
    I shouldn't have to say how this can get annoying.

    I don't know about the EU servers but I do know that the NA servers are practically dead. Server queue times are between 5 and 10 mins and you will be playing with the same people over and over again.

    So I pretty much don't have much to say other than I will probably be quitting the game for a second time.