Revelation Online Mythical Conflict Update Now Live, Adds Standalone MOBA Mode

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With NetEase making the news thanks to the Diablo Immortal reveal at Blizzcon, we thought we'd give you an update on another NetEase developed MMORPG. Revelation Online, a fantasy MMORPG for the PC platform published in the West by, has just published their Mythical Conflict update.

The update primarily adds a new standalone 5v5 PvP mode to the game. Titled Legends of Nuanor, this game mode operates as a typical 5v5 player MOBA where players chose from a rooster of heroes and do battle on a single map containing 3 lanes. The task is to destroy the other team's Crystal and defend yours.

Offering something of a distraction from the workaday realms of Revelation Online, Mythical Conflict debuts an exciting new PvP game mode that allows you to park your veteran characters for a while and enjoy the carefree pleasures of MOBA-style gameplay. [emphasis added]

The official site includes a lengthy description of how exactly Legends of Nuanor works. The set up should be similar to anyone familiar with Dota 2 and especially League of Legends:

Just as important as what you’ll be doing is where you’ll be. It should be clear from the outset which players will be covering the top, middle and bottom lanes, as well as the jungle area. Generally, the top lane is regarded as a solo lane, where you should have a tank hero to oppose the enemy. The middle lane is another solo lane where an AP-type (Ability Power) hero with great nuking abilities should be assigned. The bottom lane should be a two-person lane. Since AD-type (Attack Damage) heroes have poorer stats (attack, attack speed, crit, and crit damage) in the beginning, such heroes should be paired up with a support. The jungle, on the other hand, requires a hero with great mobility or crowd control skills to kill neutral monsters efficiently while supporting activities across all three lanes.

It should be noted that Legends of Nuanor players cannot use their Revelation Online character in this mode, all players must chose from the same rooster of in-game heroes. Those interested in learning more should check out the official announcement on

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