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Eagle: Fantasy Golf

Eagle: Fantasy Golf is a 3D online golf game on mobile devices with cute, anime-inspired graphics, arcade-like golf controls, many holes and courses to play on, lots of clothing to collect, asynchronous PVP, guilds/teams, and more.

Publisher: Aiming Global Service
Type: Mobile Sports
Release Date: February 1, 2016
Shut Down: 2018
Pros: +Anime-inspired graphics. +Lots of clothing and customization. +Easy to pick up and play.
Cons: -Limiting stamina system. -Pay-to-win aspects.

Eagle: Fantasy Golf Shut Down in 2018


Eagle: Fantasy Golf Overview

Eagle: Fantasy Golf is a 3D online golf game developed and published by Aiming Global Service, a Japanese company behind the mobile game, Tactics: Conqueror's War. Swing your way to victory in this brand-new golf game that resembles Pangya in graphics and gameplay mechanics. Play through hundreds of stages in the Single Play and Spin Quest modes or battle other players (asynchronously) in the Match mode. Swing at the ball with power and precision, spin the ball to fix your shot mid-air, and sink the perfect putt. Collect over 100 pieces of clothing that can be upgraded to improve your player’s stats and abilities. Join a team and socialize about your victories and strategies. Pick up and play Eagle: Fantasy Golf anywhere and anytime for quick bursts of fun today!

Eagle: Fantasy Golf Features:

  • Anime-Inspired Graphics – Golf on bright and colorful courses with anime-inspired characters, environments, effects, and more.
  • Many Stages to Play Through – Play through dozens of courses and stages that vary in theme, course layouts, and designs.
  • Arcade-like Gameplay – Swing and putt with simple touch controls that rely on timing, strategy, and skill.
  • Lots of Clothing – Customize your character’s appearance with over 100 pieces of clothing to collect, and make your character look unique.
  • Quick Stages – Complete 1 hole in each stage which is perfect for playing on the go for quick and casual fun.
  • Asynchronous PVP – Battle AI versions of other players in intense 1 on 1 matches to improve your ranking and rise in the leaderboards.

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Full Review

Eagle: Fantasy Golf Review

By, Herman Y.

Eagle: Fantasy Golf is a free-to-play, mobile golf game developed and published by Aiming Global Service, a relatively unknown Japanese game company behind the mobile game, Tactics: Conqueror's War. Eagle: Fantasy Golf was first released in Japan on December 15, 2014 and after much success with over 1 million downloads in Japan alone, the game was released worldwide on February 1, 2016. Former players of the popular PC (and PSP) game, Pangya, will find great nostalgia in Eagle: Fantasy Golf’s cute, anime-inspired graphics and arcade-like gameplay that greatly resembles that in Pangya. Eagle: Fantasy Golf, however, was undoubtedly designed for a casual audience, and features stage-based progression, a restrictive stamina system, and asynchronous PVP. Still, despite the casual focus, Eagle: Fantasy Golf is a very fun and entertaining game to pick up and play at any time for people of all ages.

A Colorful World of Golf
Unlike golf games where players play entire courses at a time, Eagle: Fantasy Golf’s courses are divided up into multiple stages with only 1 hole in each stage. The Single Play mode features hundreds of unique stages, each of which can be completed in under 5 minutes, making it a great pick-up game for casual players. Each hole ranges from Par 3 to Par 5, and players can unlock new courses after completing a certain amount of holes in each course. The courses vary in theme- from grassy fields, to snowy mountainsides, to candy-filled wonderlands- and each map features trees, water, bunkers, and various obstacles. The colorful, anime-inspired graphics brings the world to life, and the effects, music, and sounds add a bright cheerfulness to the game. The game is quite charming, and seeing that mobile doesn’t have a Pangya-equivalent as of yet (There is actually a Pangya mobile game coming in the future), this game will scratch an itch for Pangya and Mario Golf fans. Each stage gives gold and experience based on the player’s performance, and achieving a good score (Par or better) will increase the chance of obtaining a rare piece of equipment. The game has a nice system that rewards players for doing well and makes it fairly easy in obtaining new clothing. There is also a Spin Quest mode which is pretty much the same as the Single Play mode except with different stages, more specific win objectives, and various useful rewards.

A Fun Arcade-Like Golfing Experience
Like Pangya and Mario Golf, Eagle: Fantasy Golf takes on a more unrealistic approach in its gameplay, although it still follows the traditional rules of golf and laws of physics. Players begin each stage by teeing off, and the goal is to get the ball into the hole in as little shots as possible. Players can swing by first pressing a button to begin a power meter, pressing the button again after the arrow reaches the desired amount of power, and then pressing the button one final time right when the arrow reaches the white region where they began the shot. Missing the white region will cause the ball to slice into an undesired direction (left or right) so timing and reflexes are important. Before swinging, players have the option to zoom in on their target, and there is also a convenient icon on the power meter that indicates how much power players should use. There are also skills players can activate before swinging- which are determined by the player’s equipment- that can give bonuses such as improved accuracy, power, and more. Overall, the gameplay is quite fun, the controls are fluid, and the mechanics greatly resemble those in Pangya.

Taking Strategic Shots
There are various strategic components and mechanics in Eagle: Fantasy Golf that make it more than just luck-based. One unique feature is the ability to create spin on the ball mid-air. After launching the ball into the air, players can swipe a ball icon on the bottom right of the screen to spin the ball in a certain direction that will affect the ball when it lands. Players can swipe multiple times to add more spin and it is a great feature that allows players to add distance to their shots, backspin toward the hole, and fix poor shots mid-air. Putting also takes a lot of strategy to ensure the ball rolls into the ball. During putting, the game shows moving gridlines indicating slopes on the green- which will indicate which direction the ball will move and how quickly. Like most golf games, there is definitely strategy involved, some of which includes mathematical formulas and tricks to help make those perfect shots and putts, so there is more than just random luck. Also like all golfing games, there are wind effects, roughs, bunkers, water, and more to take into consideration.

A Limiting Stamina System
Like most free-to-play titles, each stage requires Stamina to attempt but unfortunately, Stamina runs out very quickly in Eagle: Fantasy Golf. Each stage takes around 10 Stamina to attempt and players have around 40 Stamina max so stamina generally runs out after about 3-4 holes, which is about 30 minutes or less of continuous gameplay. Players do gain 1 max Stamina each time they level up but later stages also increase in Stamina cost so it ultimately cancels out and creates a limited gaming experience each day. Stamina does refill over time but takes quite a while to do so. From the developer’s perspective, it sort of makes sense since they had to individually design each hole/stage and didn’t want players to blaze through all the content, but still, the Stamina system makes the game feel very limiting and casual. Luckily, the PVP mode doesn’t use as much Stamina as the Single modes so players can play many PVP matches each day although players get the most experience, items, and rewards from the Single Play and Spin Quest modes. Ultimately, players looking for casual fun (~1-2 hours a day) won’t experience any problems but more hardcore players who want to play more each day will have to purchase Stamina potions, which costs real money.

Driving on Other Players (PVP)
Eagle: Fantasy Golf features asynchronous PVP via its Match mode which is both good and bad. Upon entering Match mode, the game will match up the player against another player who is AI-controlled, and players will have to tie or score better than their opponent in order to win. While the lack of real-time PVP will disappoint many players, the current format actually works well with the game since it was meant to be a casual game so 1) players will not have to wait to match up with other players, and 2) each match is only 1 hole so it would be too much of a hassle to match-make against a real opponent just for one hole. There is a 3-tier ranking system that goes from D to A (i.e. D -> D* -> D** -> C), and players receive Class points after each match that fills up their rank bar, and upon filling the bar, players are promoted to the next rank. Although players are going up against the AI, players still have to take turns with their opponent, which is odd but allows players to see all of their opponent’s shots.

There are also random Challenger encounters that appear fairly regularly that features PVP similar to the Match Mode. Every now and then, players will randomly get matched up against someone, and can choose to play against them like in the Match mode. Winning will offer double Lotto Shards, and Class (rank) points. The difficulty in the AI in random encounters as well as the Match mode vary depending on the other player’s rank and items, so the opponent could either play like a 5 year old or like Tiger Woods. Sometimes it feels unfair when the opponent shoots consistently perfect shots, but it tends to match up with the opponent’s ranking so it somewhat makes sense. Overall, the PVP is asynchronous but works well for the casual design of the game, although a real-time PVP feature could also work well if they decide to implement it in the future.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)
The in-app purchases in Eagle Fantasy: Golf mainly focus on Gacha summons but also offer additional advantages. With CP (premium currency), players can summon random equipment between 3-5 stars with many boxes to choose from that contain different sets of items, with one of which, known as Premium Lotto, containing purely 4-5 star clothing. With Lotto Shards (obtained from completing holes), players can only summon clothing between 1-3 stars, which undoubtedly shows that CP is required in order to obtain better equipment. In addition, the appearance customization options such as hair style and faces can only be purchased with CP. Lastly, players can use CP to purchase Stamina potions to refill their Stamina. Although it is possible to get CP for free from achievements and the Spin Quest mode, spending money definitely gives advantages in better equipment (which can give advantages in the PVP) and more Stamina to play longer. Overall, spending money is not completely necessary, especially for casual players, but there are many advantages in doing so.

Final Verdict – Good
Eagle: Fantasy Golf is a fun, casual mobile golf game with cute, anime-inspired graphics and arcade-like gameplay that greatly resembles the popular PC game, Pangya. Despite the limiting stamina system and pay-to-win aspects, it is a very enjoyable game that is easy to pick up and play at any time for quick bursts of fun.


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System Requirements

Eagle: Fantasy Golf System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 2.3.3 and up


Eagle: Fantasy Golf Music & Soundtrack

Additional Information

Eagle: Fantasy Golf Additional Information

Developer: Aiming Global Service
Publisher: Aiming Global Service
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: February 1, 2016

Shut Down: 2018

Eagle: Fantasy Golf was developed and published by Aiming Global Service (a subsidiary of Aiming Incorporated), a Japanese game developer with an expanding global presence. Aiming Incorporated has developed numerous Japanese mobile and browser games, including スマホでゴルフ! ぐるぐるイーグル, the Japanese version of Eagle: Fantasy Golf which reached over 1 million downloads in Japan alone. Eagle: Fantasy Golf was first released in Japan on December 15, 2014 before finally launching worldwide on February 1, 2016 after a brief soft launch period. Aiming Global Service is also the publisher of the strategy card game, Tactics: Conqueror's War.