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Flyff Legacy

Flyff Legacy is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG where players can explore the fantastical world of Madrigal by land or by air. Choose from three classes and develop mighty characters to tackle dungeons and dominate in PvP.

Publisher: Gala Lab
Playerbase: Low
Type: Mobile MMORPG
Release Date: 2017
Pros: +Three character classes. +Reincarnation system for character growth. +Travel by land or by air. +Party system to encourage teamplay.
Cons: -Lots of grinding. -UI can feel cluttered. -Auto-battle system.

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Flyff Legacy Overview

Explore the magical world of Madrigal on foot or in the air in Flyff Legacy, a free-to-play mobile MMORPG that strives to bring Flyff to the iOS and Android platforms. Players start by selecting one of three gender-locked character classes: Mercenary (M), Acrobat (F), or Magician (F). Each class has unique abilities and skills that are activated by tapping. Every 100 levels, characters can be reincarnated, to become stronger by expanding their level cap. Gain experience by completing main story quests and NPC quests. Group up with other players to form parties and enjoy an increase in EXP gain and combat buffs. Defeat mobs and tackle various dungeons for rare loot. Acquire and enhance weapons and gear, adding and changing attributes to suit playstyles. Explore the game world by foot or soar through the skies. Create or join a guild, obtain mounts to travel faster, and recruit pets to journey alongside you.

Flyff Legacy Key Features:

  • Three Classes – choose to play as a Mercenary, Magician, or Acrobat, each with unique abilities and skills.
  • Rebirth – use a reincarnation system that level breaks characters.
  • Dungeons – take on different dungeons to acquire rare loot and experience.
  • Walk, Ride, or Fly – travel by foot, mount, or simply fly on a broomstick to explore the game world.
  • Guilds and PvP – join a guild to make new friends and fight in various PvP modes.

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프리프 레거시 공식 프로모션 영상


Flyff Legacy Links

Flyff Legacy Official Site
Flyff Legacy Google Play
Flyff Legacy App Store
Flyff Legacy Facebook Page

System Requirements

Flyff Legacy System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0.3 and up / iOS 9.0 or later.


Flyff Legacy Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Flyff Legacy Additional Information

Korean Title: 프리프 레거시
Gala Lab
Publisher(s): Gala Lab

Platform(s): iOS, Android

Language(s): English, Korean

CBT: June 2016 (International Release); November 24 - 30, 2016 (Korea)
Android Soft Launch: June 2016
Release Date: Q1 2017 (Korea); TBA (Global)

Development History / Background:

Flyff Legacy is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG developed and published by Gala Lab, a South Korean gaming company known for the Flyff franchise. Flyff was one of the first games to introduce air travel in 2005. Flyff Legacy strives to bring Flyff to mobile platforms. The game entered closed beta testing in June 2016 in English in limited countries. A South Korean CBT took place in November 2016. The game was then officially released in South Korea in January 2017.