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Jumpgate Evolution

Jumpgate Evolution was slated to be a 3D sci-fi MMORPG with twitch based spaceship gameplay. The game focused on large scale RvR battles between the three factions.

Publisher: Codemasters
Type: Sci-Fi MMORPG
Release Date: Cancelled
Closure Date: Cancelled
Pros: +Action oriented cockpit combat. +Pilot ships of any faction.+Open and instanced PvP options.
Cons: -Never saw the light of day. -Would have required a monthly subscription. -Developers chose an unpopular genre.


Jumpgate Evolution Overview

Jumpgate Evolution was announced in June 2007 as a sequel to Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative, but after repeated delays was eventually abandoned by the developer. Like its predecessor, Jumpgate Evolution was a space themed MMORPG that promised a vast, persistent universe with a variety of PvE and PvP gameplay options.

Playable Nations

Solrain Commonwealth - A mercantile state populated by mercenaries, smugglers, corrupt mega-corporations, and crime syndicates.

Quantar Paths - A loose confederation of dozens of cults unified through their belief that humanity's destiny lies in the stars.

Octavian Empire - A militarist state plagued by constant intrigue due to power struggles to claim the vacant throne.

Jumpgate Evolution Key Features

  • Realm vs Realm Combat - Take part in epic faction battles in group PvP events that pit the three nations against one another for control over the stars.
  • Real-time Cockpit Gameplay - Take control of your spaceship with real-time, twitch-based gameplay.
  • May The Best Pilot Win - Weapons and shields with consistent, predictable durability and damage.
  • Play Your Way - The developers were aiming for a single server type that supports a variety of gameplay styles from casual PvE to hardcore open PvP environments.

Similiar Games - EVE Online, EVE Valkyrie, Star CitizenStar Trek Online

Jumpgate Evolution Screenshots

Jumpgate Evolution Featured Video

Jumpgate Evolution - Gameplay Footage


Jumpgate Evolution Videos

Playlist: Jumpgate Evolution (Shut Down)


Jumpgate Evolution Links

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Jumpgate Subreddit [Community]
Jumpgate Tri [Private Server for the Sequel]


Jumpgate Evolution Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Jumpgate Evolution Additional Information

Developer: NetDevil
Publisher: Codemasters

Composer: Mason Fisher

Announcement Date: June 2007
Planned Release Date: June 2009

Development History / Background:

Planned as a sequel to Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative (2001), work on Jumpgate Evolution started in 2007 and was supposed to be completed by June 2009. The game made an appearance at E3 in 2009 and again in 2010 after its release was delayed.

On February 2011, developer NetDevil laid off all staff besides its LEGO Universe team. No formal announcement regarding Jumpgate Evolution was made at the time, but by July 2012 the official site had gone dark.

Private Servers

Jumpgate Evolution Private Servers

Jumpgate Evolution was never released and so the code was never made available to emulate. Fortunately, there are active private servers for the original Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative.


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