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Knights Chronicle

Knights Chronicle is a mobile MMORPG that features turn-based RPG combat, hero collecting, character progression, and anime-styled graphics. Unleash a variety of skills with epic attack animations similar to Seven Knights, and collect a variety of powerful characters to add to your party.

Publisher: Netmarble
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Mobile MMORPG
Release Date: June 14, 2018
Pros: +Variety of playable characters. +Real-time co-op gameplay. +Awesome spell animations and attacks.
Cons: -No announced release outside of Japan. -Limited information available.

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Knights Chronicle Overview

Knights Chronicle is a free-to-play 3D MMORPG for Android and iOS by developer Netmarble, the Korean game giant known for Marvel Future Fight, ChronoBlade, Seven Knights, and more. Join a team of heroes and adventure across the game's colorful world, fighting enemies and completing tasks as you work to clear map. The game features a turn-based combat system populated by a variety of heroes that each offer multiple powerful skills for use in combat. Fight through hundreds of stages and unleash your abilities on foes, with many abilities featuring unique combat animations that intensify the battle. Collect heroes, power them up, evolve them, and add them to your party to create the ultimate combination of companions to defeat the strongest enemies. Join up to five friends in real-time battle for co-operative dungeon crawling and combat.

Knights Chronicle Key Features:

  • Turn-Based RPG Combat – battle against powerful bosses, taking turns to strategically unleash your attack and defense skills.
  • Co-operative Battles – join up to five friends and battle in real-time, taking on difficult challenges as a team.
  • Variety of Heroes – recruit a variety of heroes that come in all shapes, sizes, and rarities, and then power them up for stronger skills and stats.
  • Unleash Powerful Skills – unleash attacks on enemies to take advantage of weaknesses and deal large amounts of damage with awesome combat animations.
  • Colorful Anime Graphics – enter a 3D world with detailed anime graphics and animated 2D portraits.

Knights Chronicle Screenshots

Knights Chronicle Featured Video

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Full Review

Knights Chronicle Review

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Knights Chronicle Screenshots


Knights Chronicle Videos


Knights Chronicle Online Links

Knights Chronicle Official Site (Japanese)
Knights Chronicle Twitter (Japanese)

System Requirements

Knights Chronicle System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0.3 or later / iOS 7.0 or later


Knights Chronicle Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Knights Chronicle Additional Information

Japanese Title: ナイツクロニクル
Developer: Netmarble
Publisher: Netmarble

Announcement Date: July 22, 2016

Closed Beta (JP): October 6, 2016 to October 19, 2016

Release Date (USA): June 14, 2018

Knights Chronicle is developed and published by Netmarble, a game developer and publisher based in Korea that is noted for licensed games such as Dragon Ball Online as well as original games, including Sudden Attack, GunZ: The Duel, Uncharted Waters Online, and more. Knights Chronicle was announced on July 22, 2016 with a debut trailer that showcased some of its characters and graphics. The game was released for a closed beta test on October 6, 2016, and ended on October 19, 2016, and collected feedback from players once the test ended. The game launched in English on June 14, 2018.

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