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Lineage War

Lineage War is a 3D mobile action RPG set in a war-torn world where players control the powerful successor to the Aden kingdom, an elven warrior with the power to control three elements. Summon your inner demon and partake in QTE-inspired combat when you activate your demon awakening.

Publisher: Enjoy Game
Type: Mobile Action RPG
Release Date: June 24, 2016
Shut Down: 2017
Pros: +Various skills to unleash. +Quick time event-inspired abilities. +Recruitable companions.
Cons: -Pay-to-win elements. -Only one character class. -Generic gameplay and storyline.

Lineage War Shut Down in 2017


Lineage War Overview

Lineage War is a 3D mobile action MMORPG that places players in the midst of a war between three kingdoms, peace broken by an alliance that will bring your home country of Aden to ruin. Take control of a customizable elven warrior and lead your people to freedom as you summon companions, destroy foes, and make new friends. Control fire, water, and earth elements that enable you to unleash a variety of skills on your foes, requiring finger gestures on the touch screen to activate, similar to the mechanics of Mage and Minions. The game's Awakening mechanic, transforming characters into demons, also utilizes finger gestures inspired by quick time events, asking players to swipe in certain directions within the time limit to keep their attack going. The game offers a campaign mode, arenas, elite bosses, and more.

Lineage War Key Features:

  • Conjure 3 Elements – unleash the powers of Fire, Water, and Earth to expose your enemies' weaknesses.
  • Summon Your Inner Demon – use the game's Awakening mechanic to transform into a demon to finish off enemy bosses and players.
  • Team Up with Companions – summon AI-controlled heroes from the summon gate to form an undefeated team.
  • Multiplayer Modes – team up with other players to take on raid boss events or enter the arena to fight against other players and climb the ranked ladders.
  • Join a Guild – enter guilds to play with like-minded players and complete guild-oriented missions.

Lineage War Screenshots

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Lineage War: Most Authentic 3D ARPG

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Lineage War Review

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Lineage War Screenshots


Lineage War Videos

Paradise War / Lineage War - Global 3D ARPG Gameplay iOS / Android

System Requirements

Lineage War System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0.3 or later / iOS 7.0 or later


Lineage War Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Lineage War Additional Information

Chinese Name: 天堂战记 (Heaven Wars)
Western Name: Lineage War

Developer: Enjoy Game
Publisher: Enjoy Game

Platforms: Android, iOS

Languages: English, French, German, and Vietnamese.

Release Date (China): March 22, 2016
Release Date (Global): June 24, 2016

Shut Down: 2017

Development History / Background:

Lineage War, also known as Heaven Wars (天堂战记), is developed and published by Enjoy Game, a Chinese game publisher that has published games across the globe such as Heaven Wars and Dungeon Crash. The game was originally released in China on March 22, 2016, followed by other releases in Asian countries. The released globally on June 24, 2016, translated into multiple languages that include English, French, German, and Vietnamese.