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Love Dance

Love Dance is a 3D online rhythm-based dancing game on mobile devices with cute, colorful graphics, two unique game modes, lots of clothing to choose from, many popular songs (KPOP, CPOP, Hip Hop, and more), and a dating/marriage system.

Publisher: Cubinet Interactive
Playerbase: Low
Type: Mobile Rhythm
Release Date: September 4, 2015
Pros: +Cute graphics and dance animations. +Many clothing to choose from. +Easy to pick up and play. +Many popular songs.
Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. –Most of the clothing require cash.

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Love Dance Overview

Love Dance is a 3D online rhythm-based dancing game developed and published by Cubinet Interactive, the makers of Music Man Online and World of Kungfu. Join a room and compete against friends or random players around the world with up to 4 players at once. Play in the traditional arrow mode (Classic PK) or tap mode (Bubble PK), both of which were specially designed for mobile devices. Socialize with other people, make new friends, and even find true love. Listen to the hottest songs including KPOP, CPOP, Hip Hop, Rock, and more. Choose from a wide selection of clothing and hairstyle options and look unique from other players. Watch your character dance with tons of animated dance moves and fully choreographed routines. Dance the night away in Love Dance today.

Love Dance Key Features:

  • Cute 3D Graphics – Colorful 3D graphics similar to Audition Online with dance animations and special effects.
  • Two Modes – Play the game in the traditional arrow and button mode (similar to Audition) or the intuitive tap based mode (similar to Osu!).
  • Champion/Challenger Mechanism – Each match is a competitive battle in which players fight for the Champion crown, and Challengers and Champions constantly go back and forth.
  • Lots of Popular Music – Play to your favorite beats with a large variety of popular Asian and English songs to choose from.
  • Quick Matches – Pick up and play against friends or strangers at any time in quick matches via a room-based system.
  • Choose your Fashion – Browse through a huge assortment of clothing and hairstyles and customize your character’s appearance and outfit.

Love Dance Screenshots

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Full Review

Love Dance Review

By, Herman Y.

Love Dance is a free-to-play, online rhythm-based dancing game developed and published by Cubinet Interactive, a South East Asian game developer most known for their PC games, Age of Kungfu and Music Man Online (available through their gaming portal, Cubizone). The Chinese version of Love Dance first appeared in the mobile gaming market in 2013 and was finally released in English on September 4, 2015. While there are a good number of rhythm-based dancing games on PC such as Audition Online, 5Street, and more recently Cubinet Interactive’s very own, Music Man Online, there are very few on mobile. Love Dance brings a popular niche genre onto mobile devices with colorful visuals and animated dancing seen in many PC dancing games.

Join a Room for Real Time Fun
Love Dance is room-based much like Audition Online and earlier PC dancing games. When players start, they can create a character and choose whether to play in the single player or multiplayer mode. In the single player mode, players play alone in stage-based progression, meaning they move from one stage to another, and battle against a NPC opponent. Players can still obtain gold and experience from the single player mode, although it still requires an internet connection. In the Multiplayer mode, players can join user-made rooms containing real life players. Each room can hold up to 4 players and the host can choose which song to play. After entering a room, players can see other players in a waiting room as they prepare to start the game. The game downloads the currently picked song in the waiting room which results in having to wait for players to download each song, but Love Dance does offer a client version with every song pre-installed and ready to go. Completing matches rewards gold and experience and there is a “Rookie” server for new players and a “Free” server that all players can join.

Two Modes of Intense Dancing
Love Dance has two main game modes: Classic PK and Bubble PK. Classic PK is similar to the PC game, Audition Online, in gameplay. A list of arrows regularly appears and players must press all the arrows in the correct order and hit a button when a line goes over the glowing area to register the hit. Pressing the button at exactly the right time (which follows the beat of the song) will grant a “Perfect” and hitting the button slightly off will give a “Cool” or “Hit” depending on how far players are from the glowing area. The game has a directional pad on the right side for players to press arrows and a button on the left side to press after the arrows have been locked in. The controls work well for mobile devices and it is fairly responsive and easy to use. Hitting “Perfects” consecutively grants more points and players with the most Crowns (which will be explained later) or points in the end wins.

The second mode is called Bubble PK. This mode is more similar to the PC rhythm game, Osu!, than Audition Online. In this mode, circles randomly appear on the screen and players must hit the circles right when the circular outline goes over the circle. Pressing the circle goes with the beat of the song and hitting the circle exactly when the outline goes over it yields a “Perfect,” or a “Cool” or “Hit” if players are slightly off target. In addition to the “Tap circles,” there are also “Hold circles” circles that players have to hold on to for a period of time, and “Drag circles” that players have to drag toward another circle. This mode makes great use of the touch screen controls on mobile devices and is more unique than the typical Audition Online-like gameplay seen in many online dancing games. Players are rewarded gold and experience based on their score and position among the other players.

Champion or Challenger?
Love Dance has a unique Champion/Challenger system in the two modes mentioned above that plays a large role in the game. The game plays out like “rounds” and each match has 9 rounds. During the first round, players play like normal for a certain amount of time before the top scorer is crowned the Champion and moves to the front of the pack. During the second round, players play like normal again, except the non-Champions are competing with one another to become the Challenger. In the third round, the top scoring non-Champion becomes the Challenger, and the Champion and Challenger have a head-to-head battle. During this time, everyone continues to dance like normal; nothing is different in their tap/arrow gameplay. At the end of the round, if the Champion has more points, they remain the Champion, and if the Challenger has more points, they become the new Champion. The process then repeats as the non-Champions battle it out in the next round to become the new Challenger again, and there are two more Champion-Challenger battles before the match ends. Every time someone becomes or retains the Champion status, they receive a crown, and the players with the most crowns wins. When crowns cannot be decided in the victory (i.e. three different people have a crown), then the higher total points determine the winner.

All the Components of a Dancing Game
While there are various rhythm games like Cytus and Deemo on mobile, there aren’t very many rhythm-based dancing games. Love Dance has all the components of rhythm-based dancing games found on PC on mobile. The game features 3D cartoony graphics, similar to Audition Online, and each song brings out choreographed dance moves on all of the characters. There is also a dynamically moving camera that really brings out the dancing and performance aspect of the visuals. Like all dancing games, there is a large selection of music to choose from. The music is mainly popular Asian pop songs such as KPOP and CPOP, but also has some hip hop and rock songs, some of which are in English. The game also has a large socializing aspect and a dating/marriage system.

The Fashion Cash Shop
The in-app purchases in Love Dance can be found in the Shop which are mainly comprised of fashion (clothing and hairstyles), and items. The Shop has a large selection of stylish clothing and hairstyles for both genders and the styles are very modern and varied. However, most of the fashion can only be purchased with real money. There are only a few different hairstyles, tops, bottoms, and shoes that can be purchased with in-game gold and about 80% of the Shop items require real money. It is a bit unfortunate since one of the biggest aspects of dancing games is the ability to customize your character’s appearance but there is only a limited selection for non-paying players. However, none of the fashion items give stats or affect gameplay in any way so the game isn’t in any way pay-to-win. The Shop also has items such as costume packs, experience and gold boosts, and marriage related items that all require real money to purchase.

Final Verdict – Good
Love Dance is a full-fledged rhythm-based dancing game on mobile devices with cute graphics, animated dancing, and a large variety of music to choose from. Although most of the Shop items such as clothing require real money, the game is nonetheless a fun, casual game to pick up and play with friends or random strangers online for a sociable, musical experience.


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Love Dance Online Links

Love Dance Official Site
Love Dance Google Play
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Love Dance Facebook Page

System Requirements

Love Dance System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 2.2 and up


Love Dance Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Information

Love Dance Additional Information

Developer: Cubinet Interactive
Publisher: Cubinet Interactive
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: September 4, 2015

Love Dance was developed and published by Cubinet Interactive, a South East Asian mobile game developer behind the PC games, Music Man Online and Age of Kungfu. Cubinet Interactive is most known for their gaming portal, Cubizone, which has many versions throughout South East Asia. Love Dance was out in China since 2013 but was recently released in English on September 4, 2015. It is one of the few rhythm-based dancing games on mobile devices and is published by the same company in charge of the PC rhythm-based dancing game, Music Man Online. Love Dance is currently Cubinet Interactive’s first English mobile game.