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Maguss was an augmented-reality game for iOS and Android that allows players to learn magic, cast spells, and duel other wizards. Walk to raid dungeons and collect ingredients, study to learn spells, brew potions, and fight to earn respect and glory.

Publisher: Maguss Development Team
Type: Mobile Augmented-Reality MMO
Release Date: March 15, 2019
Shut Down: April 06, 2020
Pros: +Unique AR gameplay. +Local and long distance dueling. +Optional Bluetooth wand for spell-casting.
Cons: -Limited gameplay features. -Slow update schedule. -Tiny playerbase.


Maguss Overview

Maguss was a mobile free-to-play augmented-reality MMO that turns the real world into a fantastical land of magic and mystery riddled with monsters, dungeons, and more. The game offers a Harry Potter-inspired AR experience that allows players to interact with the world around them via smartphone. Walk to collect ingredients for spells and potions which can be made with the game's crafting system, trade-able with other players around the world. Study and learn spells that can be activated with the game's Bluetooth-powered wand or by inputting spells manually on the touch screen. Explore the game's Underworld and complete quests, joining together with friends to fight powerful enemies. Capture and tame wild monsters to befriend them and utilize their abilities in combat, battling various creatures all around the globe. The game also offers a variety of professions that include enchanting and potion brewing, player vs. player dueling that can be done locally or over the internet, and four Orders to pick from that follow their own ideologies and compete for the top spot on the boards.

Maguss Key Features:

  • Augmented Reality Magic – learn a wide variety of magical spells to unleash on your enemies, ranging from offensive abilities to charms and curses.
  • Four Competing Factions choose from four Orders such as Circle of the Guild or Fellowship of Wizardry, offering Order-specific spells and a community of like-minded wizards.
  • Variety of Crafted Items – craft a numerous amount of potions to cure ailments, heal health, buff players, and more using ingredients found while walking around the game world.
  • Questing and Dungeons – explore the game world and complete quests for player experience and rewards, or challenge the game's Underworld dungeons by following prompts on the game's map.
  • Duel Other Wizards – battle against players with the game's dueling system, featuring a long-distance mode and a proximity mode for PvP with friends or through a matchmaking system.

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Maguss - World's Leading Mobile Spell Casting Game (Official Trailer)

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Maguss Review

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Experience Magic in the Real World with Maguss AR Game

System Requirements

Maguss System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.4 or later / iOS 8.0 or later


Maguss Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Maguss Additional Information

Developer: Maguss Development Team
Publisher: Maguss Development Team

Kickstarter Launch Date: August 4, 2015
Kickstarter Failed Date: September 13, 2015
Indiegogo Launch Date: October 10, 2016
Indiegogo End Date: November 10, 2016

Android Launch: March 15, 2019
Shut Down Date: April 06, 2020

Development History / Background:

Maguss was developed and published by the Maguss Development Team, a small group of passionate game developers who have been working on the project since July 2014. A Kickstarter campaign was launched on August 4, 2015 with a goal of 450,000 kr, roughly $51,000 USD, and failed to meet its funding goal with only 206,710 kr pledged. The game initially required players to purchase a Maguss Wand that allowed them to cast spells. After the lackluster reception on Kickstarter, the developers continued to work on the game and polish its vision, deciding to make the game available to players who did not purchase the game's Bluetooth wand. The game was once again launched on a crowdfunding platform, this time on Indiegogo beginning on October 10, 2016 with a fixed goal of $50,000 USD. The game launched on the Android platform on March 15, 2019 and on iOS soon after. The game was shut down on April 06, 2020.