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Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike is a mobile MMO strategy game that features extensive base-building and military fortifications in a modern war setting. Fight against millions of other players for the Head of State title, which grants protection to your allies and obstacles to your enemies.

Publisher: Epic War
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile Strategy
Release Date: November 11, 2015
PvP: World
Pros: +Tons of base customization. +Equipment crafting. +In-game translation system. +Huge playerbase.
Cons: -Generic gameplay. -Pay-to-win elements.

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Mobile Strike Overview

Mobile Strike is a free-to-play 2D MMO strategy game available on iOS and Android platforms, notable for its advertising that features celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger. The game includes all of the features players would expect from a modern mobile strategy game: extensive base-building, troop management, player alliances, and all-out war between opposing players. Setting itself apart from other strategy MMOs are its commander and equipment crafting systems, which allow players to level up, customize and equip their hero with the armor created from materials found around the map. Mobile Strike also features an in-game translation system that allows users from all over the world to instantly communicate with each other, much like the system found in Game of War.

Mobile Strike Key Features:

  • Construct a Massive Base – build, upgrade and defend a variety of structures that help bring you closer to the top of the game's ranking boards.
  • Customize Your Commander – level up your commander and spend their talent points to fortify your base or military to suit your playstyle.
  • Equipment Crafting – utilize materials found in crates by converting them into a variety of crafted armor and weapons, which can be equipped to your commander to boost their stats.
  • Join an Alliance – team up with like-minded players, lending a helping hand as necessary to help allies rise to the top of the game's PvP ladder.
  • In-Game Translator – thanks to the game's international servers, players of all languages can talk in the world chat and automatically have their text translated into your language of choice.

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Mobile Strike Review

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Mobile Strike Screenshots


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System Requirements

Mobile Strike System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: iOS 6.0 or later, Android 2.3 or later


Mobile Strike Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Information

Mobile Strike Additional Information

Developer: Epic War
Platforms: iOS, Android

Release Date: November 11, 2015

Mobile Strike is developed and published by Epic War LLC, a studio recently launched by Machine Zone—the developers of Game of War. Machine Zone created a new game studio because they wanted to be able to focus all of their attention on maintaining the already popular and successful Game of War. Following suit with Game of War's usage of Kate Upton and Mariah Carey in its advertising, Mobile Strike uses the face of Arnold Schwarznegger for their massive advertising campaign that spans across multiple television networks and websites. Mobile Strike and Game of War have many other similarities in both graphic style and gameplay, although Mobile Strike is not officially a follow-up or sequel.

  • Peter

    Does this game have single player mode? That is, can I play by myself against AI on my iPad or Android tablet? Thanks.

    • It does not 🙁

      • Peter

        Thanks. That is too bad. This looks a lot like C&C and I love that game, but I don't want to play on line against other "live" players.

        • It's very much pay to win too, so its not fun online =/

          • Peter

            Typical example of corporate greed....Aha I just found an EA version of C&C Red Alert for iPad and Android!

          • NotSharingToMuchToday

            lol, the purpose of the game is so the corporation can make money and you have fun. If the corporation doesn't make money, then you don't have a game to play for fun.

          • Peter

            You are right. If only it would make the game single-player as well, I'd likely be willing to pay for the extra (gold, weapons, etc.), but apparently I need to play with other live players online. I don't want to put myself out for others' target practice....:-)

          • Wonderdov

            then you should join my family, Haven o my existence, (EmoH). We only have faceoffs when we know we have a chance! State vs State atarts Saturday, Apri

          • Peter

            Hahaha Wonderdov, don't mean to be critical but no one ever starts a war unless he/she "thinks" there is a good chance of winning??? But still inevitably one side must lose.... I am sure when Hitler started WW2 he THOUGHT he was going to win too. Again I'm not being nasty, just tongue in cheek.

          • Aman Goyal

            Selling account
            I have my exams so I m selling my account at very cheap cost and this game is really amazing. I make so many contacts through this game.
            My base power nearly 200M with lots of amazing gifts and item. you can use my base as a trap too.
            My base have more then 500M of each rss.
            For more details contact me. My line I'd is amanknif

          • Tommy Walker

            Yeah, it needs a single player mode. I'm not going to play other people.

          • Peter

            I guess the developer does not want and/or care about a single player revenue stream....

          • seeuinoz

            Then charge me one flat fee of $39.95.
            I'll never play a "pay to win" game.

  • Clay

    Mobile strike is a dull game. Research, construct & build troops. Constant advertising for very expensive pack so you're King of the pixel tanks.

  • Mark Howard

    Build for weeks! Build ur defence and troops day after day and b wiped out in 1 go? What is the point??????

  • Frustrated

    This game sucks. It starts out interesting but you play you find that the players who have been playing for a long time torment the lower level players. You can work for weeks to build an army when a high level player animates it in seconds and it takes s months to rebuild it just to have some asshole of 21st level anihalate you. The bully's of the game take all the fun out. After playing for two months I'm done with this time consuming abyss.

  • EACS

    Its advertised as a free came but built for those willing to spend. No limits on levels and who they can attack therefore you lose months of leveling and building in a split second. Pointless game.

  • Don’t download

    Do not download this game. Played it for 6 months, spent a ton of money on the base, and yet I was nowhere near the top players. The game is designed so that you will get addicted and start spending money. Yet you will never accomplish anything of real value. If you do accomplish anything, the players who have spent 10.000$+ will wipe you out in one attack, so you're back at square 0.
    The world chat is 100% toxic.

    Worst game ever gameplay wise.
    Best money grabbing design, for a free- to play game.

    • dharma teja

      I have 159 billion base.. that means I have spent a ton of money.. this game doesn't let you teleport through states.. so I'm stuck in a state where all the players are too big or traps too strong so I can't do much.. just for fun I hit bases I know imgoing to loose for sure and do very little damage..

      Plus this games packs give more rss/speed ups / what's evere every pack.. say they used to give 800,000 gold per 99.99 pack .. In 6 months, its 15 million good per pack..

      If I don't constantly upgrade my base becomes useless.. so those who play stay in the game forever..

      Only fun you can have is build traps,, that too wouldn't use less after a bit coz everyone else in the state would know you are a good trap and won't attack you..

      So after playing for 6 months and spending lot of money, you don't know what else to do, so you will only have the option to sell your account for 5-10% of what you spent and quit the game.

      This is for people who are filthy rich and can burn lots of money.

      Disclaimer - no limit on what you can spend here.. so this is more about money making than a skill game.

      • How m uch does it take to get a 159 billion base in dollars? Approx?

        • dharma teja

          I spent around 4000$, but could be much cheaper since packs are blown out

  • Mike

    The game is not built for those who don't plan on spending cash, and it is very addictive. I've been playing for 3 months and I've spent some cash and enjoyed it, but there are things that are frustrating about the game. Like others have said, very large powered bases do wipe out so many small bases that have no chance of defending themselves. You could build for 3 months and it would be all gone in seconds. You can buy shields to protect your base, but again, that cost money. Low level buildings, troops, and research don't take much time, but as you grow higher, the time it takes is outrageous. You have to spend lots of cash to get there. Otherwise it would take months or a year to research one item. Huge bases spend at least 5-10-15 thousand dollars or more to get so large so fast. There are thousands and thousands of these monster bases. So again, unless you don't mind spending a boatload of money, don't waist your time.

  • Aslans Roar

    I am new to this genre of game, so my review isn't a comparison. The fact is, you will not get anywhere ultimately without spending. Unlike other games with in-app purchases in the $3 area, the packs in this game are $100. Maybe you'll find a $50 pack. And they push it to the point you can't stand them for their greed. Horrible graphics, battles are simple computations. Give your money to someone who earns it or better yet, skip this and go buy yourself a present for being wise.

  • Aman Goyal

    Selling account
    I have my exams so I m selling my account at very cheap cost and this game is really amazing. I make so many contacts through this game.
    My base power nearly 200M with lots of amazing gifts and item. you can use my base as a farm or a trap .
    My base is in heco state.
    For more details contact me. My line I'd is amanknif

  • Craig Ross

    This game sucks. They dumped all that money down owe high budget commercials and to Arnold just for this time vampire. They wore me out asking for money every 5 minutes. What a scam. And the game isn't self sucks. Good for kids who have nothing better to do and who's parents don't care they are on the tablet day and night. How do I completely erase this garbage and leave no trace of myself?

  • Craig Ross

    I'm not giving them my money. Not a thin fucking dime. Not one. I've given the boom beach guys over $200 because it's a fair game and I feel I'm working for something. These dicks don't get my shit after a Taco Bell all nighter...

  • Paul

    iv bin playing for about 8 month now, iv spent a 100 quid on it, go on about 4-5 times a day and im nowhere 47 million power, you need to have a 30 day shield active to build costs 45,000 gold once your level 15. your shield comes down you attack people around your ability and along comes a 5-15 billion player and takes everything, the main point of the game is to smash an enemy base and capture their commander manage to hold him for 3 days without being raped and execute him, which if your commanders killed you can pay 6000 gold and just resuscitate him anyway, i did wonder how their were such high players when the game hasnt bin out that longer than iv bin playing it. I dont know if it is possible to ever spend enough money on the game to beat the developers and its not just one person, sometimes you can be attacked by 3 or 4 high level players, everyday theirs a new pack 80 - 110 pound for the good stuff, it wastes your time, causes stress, and its not even that good, tap tap tap the screen, bye bye mobile strike

  • Spender160

    Mobile Strike is a fun game to play. Don't get the game unless you have $159.99 AUD to spend on it fortnightly, at least. You need resources and gear for your commander. Epic war update gear and bring out new research too often. If you don't keep up you will be wiped out quickly.

  • Hater

    This game sucks there's so much advertising of it on other games and every time I play other games Arnold shoves his face in my screen this game sucks complete waste of my time get rid of your stupid ads

  • Andy Chan

    Great game. Just really expensive when you get into it. I just spent roughly $300 today just to get the bonuses. Just about everything needs timing, in which, the game is virtually unplayable unless you elect to fast forward time. Some upgrades require special items in which you get randomly, forcing you to pay more for gold (because it comes in a package). I really wish the game is a bit cheaper, but knowing that Arnold Schwarzenegger is their spokesperson and the company probably being a startup, I also kind of know the hefty price. Just don't get addicted to it, I guess.

  • Baby Ares

    Stay away !! the only reason for this game is to extract huge amount of money, it started with some strategy (been playing for over a year) however quickly became dumbed down and all about spending, I have been to top levels of game and finished now as only way you can compete at top level is to spend at least $5k EVERY fortnight as new research comes out. You are then maybe going to use that advantage for a day or two. Also if you are not in USA then beware event times only cater to US players. Be warned and don't go near ANY EW game, and p.s if you see taster game it's nothing like the real game.

  • kee per

    don't waste your time on this piece of ****
    strategy game (lmao), the only strategy is how much money you are (willing) going to throw away,

    completely forget about "free to play" as a free user you won't be able to do pretty much anything........

    was going to write why is this game really really bad,but don't want to waste my time, instead just going to say,

    don't waste your time on that crap

  • Philip Wells

    I only played this game because another game I play offered free currency if i crafted a level 10 barracks or command center w/e. Well after about 10 minutes of playing I got an offer for $4.99, normally I just click this off my screen. Well this one was holy crap. It gave me everything for $4.99. Legendary gear sets. 180 speed ups of ALL the different times and so much more. Crates, xp for commanders, VIP passes, VIP experience. It was literally $5.00 to win. I boosted the command center up to level 10 in no time. So for $5.00 I got 4 times the currency in my original game by just spending $5.00 on this trash. I honestly don't even know what all i got in the pack but it was obsurd. I didn't even feel like opening all the crates. Oh i forgot to mention it gave me like $250,000 in gold too,...like really? Flush it, i think all these app games are going to this model

  • Pietro

    THIS GAME SUCKS to the 22.0 KT. No, this is not the same review you just read 20 times in a row. I'm a different person who also thinks MS sucks. I think that 22.0 KT is Kilo Trillion. The game uses such high numbers to confuse you and make you think you're rich. Then you realize it doesn't mean anything because you have to pay real money to buy some weird file like a mercenary file or else you don't get to do anything cool. You end up stuck on mobile ops level 3 killing the same fat, orange tank in an endless loop for 1,500 lousy credits because you need to buy a pass with real money to go beyond. You end up stuck at commander level 50 because you need to buy a commendation to advance. When you try to win a commendation it is like trying to win lotto, but you don't even know if it is even possible to win a commendation. So you end up playing the correction game and Arnold keeps denying your corrections even though you are right and people can barely understand him. Then you end up here.

  • Andrew Perry

    This game is the most expensive I have ever played. The mechanics are incredibly flawed but here's the worst part... packs are expensive, really expensive. You buy the best gear and then literally several weeks later it is superceded by HUGELY more powerful new gear that is released by the developers. If you don't keep up with buying the gear from the updates then your base is at risk of being zero'd at the blink of an eye.

    The developers don't listen, they are not remotely interested in any emails that they get sent. They have several stock answers to questions that just seem to be copied and pasted to players.

    So in summary unless you have vast amounts of money to throw at this, and I mean tens of thousands not just hundreds of dollars, then avoid this like the plague.

  • Kevin

    There are two principal activities in this game: chat with others, build up a base for battle. The chat rooms are filled with inappropriate conversations for younger players. It's a bad place for women too, as almost everything that shouldn't be said is. The worst part is the cost to play. It's touted as a "free" game. It isn't, unless you want to play Farmville within a war game. It will cost you thousands to play if you wish to be competitive! In game packs are constantly offered at $99 to $349 each. "Bouncy crates" are constantly presented to encourage you to spend so you can get the "bonus" items in the crate too. This is in-app purchasing at its absolute immoral worst and should be illegal.

  • Alexander OC

    Seeing as I am experienced player to Mobile Strike, I will share some basic info you should know aswell. Yes it's play to play it can get very pricy if you don't watch what your buying first or you just blow money on the same pack or similar way too much, if the pack is 80$ today, it'll be around 15-20$ in a week. The swearing isn't bad if your not a whiner in state chat about being zeroed or saying other things related to ticking people off. Also if you are a small base ALWAYS keep a shield on unless a big player from your alliance stays close by and watches, either way don't go for any of the big bases listed with level 100+, any com level above yours (currently the com level max is 300), and kills..it can range but the most risky ones are for kills: TT, KTT. MTT, BTT. Just watch out for the big players and be safe. -LeathalShot (From MS 2017)

  • Alexander OC

    oh forgot to metion, alliances are chatty aswell and fun.