Mobile Strike Maker MZ Hired To Make Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMO. What?


I had to do a double-take when I read that Sqaure Enix has signed-up Mobile Strike developer MZ to help develop a Final Fantasy XV MMO—for mobile.

Yes, really.

VentureBeat is the bearer of news today, and features an interesting quote in their article:

“It is an honor to work on a franchise I have loved since I was a kid. Final Fantasy is an iconic franchise in gaming,” said MZ founder and CEO Gabe Leydon, in a statement. “Bringing Final Fantasy XV to the mobile MMO gaming world is a significant opportunity for our players and we are proud to partner with Square Enix.”

We can expect iconic characters, the universe, the narrative, and even the soundtrack in some type of mobile rendition.

What will that look like? I have no idea. I imagine it will look nothing like Mobile Strike, which is a base-building strategy game. Or will it? I hope not.

Square Enix hasn't been able to get a hole of the mobile market, like some of their competitors. Though Mobius Final Fantasy has generated quite a bit of a buzz. Perhaps Final Fantasy XV Mobile—or whatever it's ultimately called—will help Square cut out a piece of the mobile market.