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Mytheon is an action MMORPG set in Greek antiquity where players could pick from 3 classes to take on mythological gods and creatures, wielding “Power Stones” that transform into spells, structures, and companions.

Publisher: True Games
Type: Action MMORPG
Release Date: March 3, 2011
Pros: +Highly customizable. +Unique mechanics. +Strategic gameplay.
Cons: -Only 3 classes.

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Mytheon Overview

Mytheon is a buy-to-play MMORPG that blends action elements with strategy, with gameplay surrounded by the use of “Power Stones,” acting as character customization and currency that were randomly drawn in combat. Power Stones are used to develop your unique style of play, allowing the invocation of magic spells such as fireballs, the summoning of mythical creatures, or structures that protect you and buff your statistics. The game also involves power stone crafting which allowed players access to rarer abilities. Each class specialized in certain power stone types as well. Warcasters are tanky characters, required to use battle stones supplemented by healing stones or potions. Eidolons are the game’s healer, and are focused on using a balance of power stones to strategically overcome enemies in combat. Elementalists serve as the game’s mages, focusing on elemental attacks and mythical creature summons to decimate enemies in combat. The game also includes traditional RPG elements, through questing and grinding, or partake in PvP through the game’s one-on-one dueling or in its mass arena mode.

Mytheon Key Features:

  • Three Playable Classes (Warcaster, Eidolon, Elementalist) – Pick from three unique Greek-mythos inspired classes that can be customized with Power Stones to fit your playstyle.
  • Over 180 Power Stones to Collect – Upgrade your arsenal by collecting power stones, which are used in combat to cast spells or summon units that help you fight.
  • Lots of Game Content – Multiple ways to acquire new power stones, gain experience, and play the game in general.
  • PvP Modes – Fight against other players in one-on-one duels or in a mass arena, strategically using power stones to topple your opponent.
  • Unique Greek Theme – Fans of Greek mythology will recognize many of the game’s quest-givers and storyline, inspired directly by Greek and other mythologies from the ancient world.

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Additional Info

Mytheon Additional Information

Developer: Petroglyph Games
Publisher(s): True Games

Release Date: March 3, 2011
Intitial Closure Date: July 27, 2011

Steam Rerelease: December 08, 2015

Development History / Background:

Development on Mytheon had a rocky beginning, that included game release delays and a lawsuit between the developer and publisher, Petroglyph Games and True Games respectively. True Games sued Petroglyph for not meeting pre-determined deadlines, accusing them of intentionally delaying and/or failing to create a quality game as a means of acquiring more money from True Games. Development was moved from Petroglyph to one of TrueGames’ internal studios in Beijing, where the game was completed for release. Six months after its release, True Games was acquired by Disney, leading to the shutdown of multiple True Games’ projects, which included Faxion Online and Mytheon, on July 27th, 2011. Mytheon relaunched on Steam as a buy-to-play game on December 08, 2015.