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Planet of Heroes

Planet of Heroes is a 3v3 mobile MOBA where players are Strategists who control Heroes in fast-paced PvP battles. Fill the role of Damage, Tank, or Healer in short and intense 7-minute bouts in the Arena.

Publisher: My.com
Playerbase: Low
Type: Mobile MOBA
Release Date: March, 2017
Pros: +PvE campign. +7-minute games. +Play solo or with a team of three.
Cons: -Unlocking runes / heroes can take a long time.


Planet of Heroes Overview

Deep within the Planet sleeps the Devourer, a harbinger of chaos and evil. In Planeto of Heroes players must control Heroes and feed the Devourer to keep him in slumber by expending energy in the Arena. Play in fast-paced 7-minute MOBA battles in 1v1 or 3v3 fights. In 1v1s, players will choose three heroes for their team and can only control one at a time while the others are controlled by AI. Fill the role of Damage, Tank, or Healer in various ways with over seven different heroes. Play in real-time with Sync battles, where an internet connection is required. For players who lack access to steady internet, play in Async battles where the opponent is controlled by AI. Be a part of a vocal community and participate in shaping the development of Planet of Heroes.

Planet of Heroes Key Features:

  • Community-Driven Development – the developers want their players to participate and be a part of the process in creating and balancing Planet of Heroes.
  • 7-Minute Matches – fast-paced and intense MOBA battles await in 7-minute bouts.
  • Play Solo or With a Team – choose to play in 1v1 battles, controlling one of three heroes, or compete in 3v3s.
  • Choose a Role – with over seven different heroes, players can choose how they will fill the roles of Healer, Damage, or Tank.
  • Sync and Async have unstable internet? Have no fear, the developers have introduced a secondary game mode, called Async, that allows players to play with unstable connection.

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Planet of Heroes Review

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System Requirements

Planet of Heroes System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Requires iOS 7.0 or later / Android 2.3.3 and up.


Planet of Heroes Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Planet of Heroes Additional Information

Developer(s): Fast Forward Studio
Publisher(s): My.com

Platform(s): Android, iOS

Closed Beta Release Date: August 30, 2016
Full Release Date: Q4 2016

Development History / Background:

Planet of Heroes is a MOBA for mobile platforms developed by Fast Forward Studio and published by My.com. Development for the game included popular MOBA gamers and streamers, such as Cowsep and Boxbox, to enhance the MOBA elements of Planet of Heroes. Closed beta besting began in August 2016, and the game will be released for Android and iOS in Q4 of 2016.