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Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Power Rangers Legacy Wars is a free-to-play mobile fighting game where players battle in real-time PvP. Collect Rangers from various series such as Dino Charge and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Publisher: nWay
Playerbase: TBD
Type: Mobile Fighter
Release Date: Q2 2017
Pros: +Content spans multiple Power Rangers universes. +Real-time multiplayer combat. +Create teams of rangers and villains.
Cons: -Limited information available.

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Power Rangers Legacy Wars Overview

The Morphin Grid is in danger from the evil witch Rita Repulsa, and it's up to players to save the day in the free-to-play mobile fighting game Power Rangers Legacy Wars. Resist the forces of darkness with Zordon's help, using Zeo Shards to unlock rangers. Collect characters from across time and space, featuring various Power Rangers series such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Saban Power Rangers movie, and Dino Charge. Create teams with both villains and rangers to take down the armies of Rita Repulsa. Fight against other players in real-time synchronous multiplayer combat, using melee attacks, weapons, abilities, and blocking. Enhance and strengthen rangers to improve their combat power. 

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Key Features:

  • Multiple Power Rangers Series – collect rangers from a span of different series, such as Dino Charge and the Saban Power Rangers movie.
  • Real-Time Combat – fight against other players in synchronous multiplayer gameplay.
  • Rangers and Villains – recruit both rangers and villains to fight against the evil Rita Repulsa.
  • Free-To-Play – pick up the game for free for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Enhance Characters – improve combat stats for rangers through enhancement.

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Power Rangers Legacy Wars Official Site
Power Rangers Legacy Wars Google Play [Not Yet Available]
Power Rangers Legacy Wars iTunes App Store [Not Yet Available]
Power Rangers Legacy Wars Facebook Page

System Requirements

Power Rangers Legacy Wars System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.1 and up / iOS 9.0 or later.


Power Rangers Legacy Wars Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Additional Information

Developer(s): nWay
Publisher(s): nWay

Platform(s): iOS, Android

Language(s): English

Release Date: Q2 2017

Development History / Background:

Power Rangers Legacy Wars is a free-to-play mobile fighting game developed and published by nWay, a mobile and web gaming company based in San Francisco, California. The game will coincide with the release of the Saban Brands Power Rangers movie and features various Power Rangers series. It will be released Q2 2017 for iOS and Android platforms.