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Seven Knights

Seven Knights is an online hero-collecting RPG on mobile devices with anime-inspired graphics, over 200 unique Heroes to collect, automated combat with skills to use, many stages to fight through, Hero evolution and enhancement systems, asynchronous PVP, and many additional modes.

Publisher: Netmarble Games
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: October 14, 2015
Pros: +High quality artwork. +Many Heroes to collect. +In-depth Hero upgrade system.
Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. -Automated combat.

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Seven Knights Overview

Seven Knights is a 3D online hero-collecting social RPG published by Netmarble Games, the Korean gaming giant behind MARVEL Future Fight and 몬스터 길들이기 for Kakao, the #1 downloaded game in South Korea. Join the Heroes, Evan and Karin, as they go on a wondrous adventure across the land of Landenberg, and meet new allies and enemies. Collect over 200 unique Heroes, power up and evolve them, and create an unstoppable army. Fight through hundreds of stages with simple automated combat with active skills to use. Customize your party’s formation and equip your Heroes for battle. Compete against others in PVP and participate in various modes for great rewards. Discover why Seven Knights was one of the top downloaded games in Korea for over a year today!

Seven Knights Features:

  • Many Stages to Complete – Play through hundreds of levels and fight monsters in various maps and environments.
  • Anime-inspired Graphics – Experience the game with colorful, crisp, and detailed Heroes, monsters, environments, and effects.
  • Automated Combat – Defeat foes in flashy, automated combat with manual control of skills and strategically assembled parties and formations.
  • Many Heroes to Collect – Collect over 200 Heroes, equip them, power up and fuse them, and evolve them into new, more powerful Heroes.
  • Engaging Story – Take part in an interesting journey full of character dialogue and charming personalities.
  • PVP and Additional Modes – Compete against random players online in automated, asynchronous combat and participate in the Celestial Tower, Daily Dungeons, and Castle Rush.

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Full Review

Seven Knights Review

By, Herman Y.

Seven Knights is a free-to-play, online hero-collecting RPG developed and published by Netmarble Games, a large Korean game company behind the mobile games, MARVEL Future Fight and several Korean games with millions of downloads each. Seven Knights was first released in South Korea over a year ago and consistently maintained its spot as one of the Korea’s top downloaded mobile games for over a year. Seven Knights was finally translated into English and released worldwide on October 14, 2015 and garnished over 100,000 downloads within one week. While Seven Knights lacks innovation in 2015 due to the high saturation of Korean automated, hero-collecting RPGs on mobile, it was one of the first popular ones in Korea and was the inspiration for many similar games that came out afterwards. Overall, Seven Knights is a very polished social RPG with great anime-inspired graphics, lots of Heroes to collect, and an in-depth Hero upgrading system but possesses the same repetitiveness seen in many other mobile RPGs.

Hundreds of Quick Stages
Seven Knights, like many free-to-play mobile RPGs, features stage-based progression. The game has hundreds of stages to play through with three difficulties (Easy, Normal, and Hard) that feature many different maps, monsters, and bosses. There are over 10 maps with 10 stages each and players can unlock the Normal difficulty after they complete every stage on Easy, and then Hard after completing every stage on Normal. Players can assemble a party of Heroes to journey through these stages and each stage takes up a reasonable amount of Keys (Energy) to attempt. Each stage features 1-3 waves of enemies that players must defeat in order to complete the stage. Completing stages yields rewards such as gold, Hero and Player experience, equipment, and monsters (that can join the party). Each stage is fairly short, lasting from 1-4 minutes depending on the difficulty and has a “2x speed” and “Auto-skill” feature that help speed things up. Stages gradually become more difficult as time goes on and players will have to repeat and farm/grind stages in order to become powerful enough for future stages. The game also has an interesting story that appears every so often that features casual character dialogue and new characters to join the party.

Semi-Automated Combat
Seven Knights features side-scrolling, automated combat seen in many other hero-collecting, mobile RPGs. Players can have a party of up to 5 Heroes (6 if they bring along a friend’s Hero, which can be used once a day) and basically watch as their Heroes fight through the monsters in each stage. Players do have manual control over their Heroes’ skills that they can choose when to use, and each Hero has two unique skills. The combat is unintuitive due to the heavily automated gameplay, and the “2x speed” and “Auto-skill” add to the “automated-ness” of the game. It seems like the developers knew the combat would be boring so they added a “2x speed” option to speed through the battles. However, the combat is still somewhat interesting to watch since the game has charming graphics, fluid animations, and flashy skills, with harder battles feeling more intense due to the uncertain outcome, but still, does not require much player interaction. Overall, the combat is fairly disappointing but can appeal to casual players that enjoy collecting Heroes and watching how their Heroes fare in battle.

Many Heroes to Collect
Seven Knights has over 200 unique Heroes to collect. These Heroes include monsters that can be defeated and added into the party as well as Heroes that can be summoned via the game’s Gacha system or unlocked via the story. Heroes can be one of 5 classes which include Tank, Striker, Priest, Mage, and All-around. Tanks are frontline defensive warriors with defensive buffs as well as offensive skills. Strikers are hard-hitting damage dealers with high attack power and low defense, and can be both melee or ranged. Priests are supportive magicians with healing and buff abilities as well as decent auto-attack damage and low defense. Mages are powerful spell-casters with the highest attack power and lowest defense. Finally, All-around is a unique hybrid class balanced in both attack power and defense. Each Hero has different stats, a passive ability, and two active abilities that can be activated during combat. Heroes can also equip weapons and armor obtained from summons or stages which are soul-bound and cannot be switched between Heroes once equipped. Players can also customize and upgrade their Party Formation which can provide attack and defense bonuses based on the formation.

Upgrading and Evolving Heroes
Upgrading and evolving Heroes play are large role in Seven Knights. In order to complete harder stages and progress in the game, players must regularly power up and evolve their Heroes. Players can power up Heroes by sacrificing other Heroes until they are powered up to a maximum of +5. Once a Hero is +5 and level 30, they can be randomly evolved by combining them with another lvl 30 +5 Hero which creates a random higher star Hero. For example, combing two lvl 30 +5 4-star Heroes will create a random 5-star Hero. There is also a special Elemental Evolution in which players can combine a lvl 30 +5 Hero with a same-star Element (that corresponds to the class) to create a higher ranked version of the same Hero. Elements can be obtained from certain stages but are very rare. The overall Evolution process requires a lot of grinding, farming, and summoning since it requires building up a lot of Heroes and then sacrificing them to create better ones. It can feel very rewarding when players successfully evolve their Heroes but the process can be very repetitive.

PVP and Additional Modes
In additional to the main Adventure (story) mode, Seven Knights has Battle Mode (PVP) and several additional PVE modes including Celestial Tower, Daily Dungeon, and Castle Rush. In Battle Mode, players can battle against other players’ parties in automated combat, and purchase special items with the Arena Medals earned from winning. Celestial Tower is a survival mode in which players must defeat increasingly difficult enemies as they advance up a tower. Daily Dungeon features special dungeons that drop Elements (for Elemental Evolution) or gold and experience. Castle Rush is a Boss Raid mode in which players get Guild Points for fighting powerful bosses which determines the game’s Guild rankings. Celestial Tower and Daily Dungeons are great for farming equipment, Heroes, and gold while Castle Rush is a Guild ranking feature that also gives out some useful items. There are also new modes such as Guild War and Raid coming soon.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)
The in-app purchases in Seven Knights mainly revolve around the game’s Summon/Gacha system. With Rubies (premium currency), players can summon random Heroes and equipment between 3-6 stars, purchase Energy and in-game gold, and change their Player or Guild name. With Medals (from quests and achievements), players can summon Heroes and equipment between 1-5 stars. The game gives out a lot of Rubies, and occasionally free Hero/equipment summons, from completing quests and achievements and login rewards so even non-cash spending players can have a chance of obtaining good Heroes and equipment. Because Seven Knights is dependent on obtaining a lot of Heroes to upgrade and sacrifice to create better ones, players that spend money have an easier time in obtaining high ranked Heroes from summoning, which speeds up the upgrading process, although farming and grinding is still required to level up Heroes for the upgrade. Overall, spending money isn’t necessary but gives advantages to paying players to progress faster in the game. .

Final Verdict – Good
Seven Knights was one of the first high quality hero-collecting RPGs in Korea is still arguably one of the best with its crisp, anime-inspired graphics, variety in collectable Heroes, and in-depth Hero upgrade system. The automated combat and large amounts of grinding/farming are the game’s biggest drawbacks, but players willing to invest their time in the game will find lots of content and entertainment to be had.


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System Requirements

Seven Knights System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 4.0 and up / iOS 6.0 or later.


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Additional Information

Seven Knights Additional Information

Developer: Netmarble Games
Publisher: Netmarble Games
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: October 14, 2015

Seven Knights was developed and published by Netmarble Games, a large Korean game company behind MARVEL Future Fight and several Korean games, many of which were or still is one of Korea’s top downloaded mobile games. Seven Knights (세븐나이츠 for Kakao) was originally released in Korea in early 2014 and quickly rose to become one of Korea’s most popular games for over a year. Seven Knights launched worldwide on October 14, 2015 and reached over 100,000 downloads within a week. Netmarble Games is also the developer and publisher behind 몬스터 길들이기 for Kakao, the #1 downloaded game in South Korea.