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Seven Sword Second

Seven Sword Second was a mobile MMORPG and the sequel to Seven Swords, a mobile MMORPG released back in 2010 by Asobimo Inc. The game features a variety of playable classes which have distinct identities in the game's action-oriented combat system.

Publisher: Asobimo, Inc.
Type: Mobile MMORPG
PvP: 50v50 Wars
Release Date: January 2017
Pros: +Variety of playable classes. +Massive 50v50 PvP on mobile. +Action-oriented gameplay.
Cons: -No announced release outside of Japan. -Limited information available.


Seven Sword Second Overview

Seven Sword Second was a free-to-play 3D MMORPG for Android and iOS by developer Asobimo, creator of games Izanagi Online and Aurcus Online. The game is a sequel to the original Seven Swords MMORPG, notable for its massive territorial PvP battles that involved up to 120 players across three factions, an uncommon feature for mobile games of that genre. The original gameplay revolved heavily around territorial control, allowing players to hunt in the territory that their faction owned during downtime from PvP events. The sequel promises to feature large-scale PvP battles based on factions, as well as a variety of playable classes, in the spirit of its predecessor. One unique element of the game is the ability to mine resources to build structures to impede enemy invasion during wars. Its multiple classes offer a variety of skills and weapons to make each one unique in the game's action-oriented combat.

Seven Sword Second Key Features:

  • Action-Oriented Combat – freely control your character with the game's touch controls, unleashing powerful class-specific abilities and dodging enemy fire.
  • Massive PvP Battles – fight up to 120 players across three factions in massive-scale territorial battles to determine the owners of each area.
  • Variety of Classes – control a variety of class archetypes, including warriors, mages, priests, and rangers, each with their own special abilities for use in combat.
  • Defensive Strategy – mine resources out in the open world and use them to build structures to help prevent enemy invasion on your turf.
  • Three Factions – pick from one of the game's three factions and take to war under the banner of your kingdom's leader.

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System Requirements

Seven Sword Second System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0.3 or later / iOS 7.0 or later


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Additional Info

Seven Sword Second Additional Information

Developer: Asobimo, Inc.
Publisher: Asobimo, Inc.
Game Engine: Unreal Engine

Announcement Date: September 11, 2015

Alpha Release Date (JP): January 2017

Seven Sword Second is developed and published by Asobimo Inc., a Japanese game developer and publisher that specializes primarily in visually impressive mobile MMORPGs. They created games such as Iruna Online, Aurcus Online, and Toram Online, as well as the original Seven Swords game. The game was originally announced via their website on September 11, 2015 in preparation from the Tokyo Game Show 2015. The game resurfaced at Tokyo Game Show 2016, promising an Alpha test for Japanese players in January 2017. The game's name was eventually changed to Almategia. The game launched in Japan under that title but was eventually shut down.