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Spellsouls is a free-to-play mobile game that combines the intense combat of MOBAs with the deck building of collectible card games. Choose one of three powerful Spellcasters, summoning them in combat to take down enemy minions and towers while defending your own.

Publisher: Nordeus
Playerbase: TBA
Type: Mobile Strategy/Action
Release Date: Mid-2017
Pros: +Unique blend of genres. +High quality graphics and animations. +Quick strategic battles.
Cons: -Currently only available in select countries. -Pay-to-win elements. 



Spellsouls Overview

Spellsouls: Duel of Legends is a free-to-play high fantasy mobile MMO that combines elements from MOBAs and CCGs to create a unique gameplay experience that seamlessly blends action and strategy, similar to Clash Royale. Begin the game by choosing one of three Spellcasters: Ruul, a pyromancer; Mordake, a necromancer; or Ameryl, an archangel; each with elemental affinities and distinct combat abilities. Spellcasters stand at the edge of each map and utilize minion summons, spells, and towers to deal damage to the enemy caster. Matches are limited to 3 minutes, allowing for fast-paced combat with heavy reliance on strong decision-making abilities and a strong deck. Collect a wide variety of spells and minions to have access to multiple strategies, giving you the flexibility to counter enemy tactics and dominate the arena.

Spellsouls Key Features:

  • Real-Time PvP Battles – find the perfect balance of skills and strategy to dominate the battle, each taking only 3-minutes.
  • Three Playable Spellcasters – choose from Ruul, Mordrake, or Ameryl, each with their own spells and strengths.
  • Deep Deck-Building Strategy – collect and upgrade powerful spells to build the ultimate deck, collecting enemy souls to upgrade your cards.
  • High Quality Graphics – the game features AAA-quality 3D graphics on mobile, standing out from the crowd with realistic characters and detailed spells.
  • Summon Spells and Minions – unleash powerful dark and light spells to destroy enemies and boost your minions, which are summoned to the game field from the portal.

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Spellsouls Review

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System Requirements

Spellsouls System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.1 and later, iOS 8.0 and later.


Spellsouls Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Spellsouls Additional Information

Developer: Nordeus
Publisher: Nordeus

Soft Launch Date (iOS only): January 23, 2017

Release Date: Mid-2017

Spellsouls: Duel of Legends is developed and published by Nordeus, a Serbian game developer known for creating Top Eleven, a highly popular, top-grossing football manager simulation game. The game initially launched for OS on January 23, 2017 in select countries, including Taiwan, Canada, Croatia, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands, and is promised to launch globally on both iOS and Android in mid-2017.