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Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a unique sci-fi MMO that combines action-oriented space combat, trading, and first person shooter elements. The game is buy-to-play and has no monthly subscription.

Publisher: Cloud Imperium Games
Playerbase: TBD
Type: MMO
Release Date: 2072 (estimate)
Pros: +Unique blend of FPS and space simulator. +Player-driven content. +Community-driven development.
Cons: -No firm release date.



Star Citizen Overview

Star Citizen is a unique, upcoming sandbox space combat simulator with FPS elements in a large persistent world. The game is currently being released in "modules," with the first two modeules (the Hangar Module and Arena Commander) already released. Star Citizen is Chris Roberts' first major project since his 1999 Wing Commander. Based on the game's setting and ambitions, it looks like it was at least somewhat inspired by Eve Online.

Star Citizen has raised over $200 million in crowdfunding, making it the most successful crowdfunded project ever (in terms of dollars raised) and also one of the most expensive MMORPGs ever developed.

Star Citizen Key Features:

  • FPS in Space Star Citizen features a unique sandbox first person shooter gameplay on individual planets in a large persistent universe.
  • Customize Your Ships load out your ships to match your playstyle, with multi-crew ships available.
  • Great Graphics realistic physics with top-notch graphics.
  • Control the Economy player-driven economy with in-depth crafting and resource gathering.
  • Play Solo or Duo story-driven single player and co-op campaign available.

Star Citizen Screenshots

Star Citizen Featured Video

Full Review

Star Citizen Review

Star Citizen full review coming soon! (When the game launches)


Star Citizen Screenshots


Star Citizen Videos

System Requirements

Star Citizen System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8
CPU: Quad Core CPU
Video Card: DirectX 11 Graphics card with 1 GB Video RAM
Hard Disk Space:~100 GB

Star Citizen has yet to release official system requirements for final release. The above Minimum requirements are for the Star Commander module. The filesize estimate is based on the full release of the game and based on developer interviews.


Star Citizen Music & Soundtrack

Not available yet

Additional Info

Star Citizen Additional Information

Developer: Cloud Imperium Games
Director: Chris Roberts
Other Platforms: Linux
Game Engine: Amazon Lumberyard
Open Beta Date: TBA

Development Milestones

Hangar Module: August 29, 2013 (Let's players see their ships in a 3D environment)
Arena Commander: June 4, 2014 (Allows players to test ship combat and racing components of the game)

Development History / Background:

Star Citizen is developed by the American game studio Cloud Imperium Games and was initially built on a modified version of CryEngine 3. The project switched to Amazon's Lumberyard engine in December 2016. Chris Roberts, the founder of Cloud Imperium and director for Star Citizen, is the designer behind the classic 1999 game Wing Commander. Development for the game began in early 2012 and crowdfunding began in October 2012. Star Citizen is perhaps best known for its incredible crowdfunding success, as by the time the game's Kickstarter campaign closed, the game had raised $6.2 million. By March, 2015 the game had raised a whopping $75 million and became known as the most-funded crowdfunding project ever. Development for the game has been slow, with the first module being released on August 29, 2013 and the second one being released on June 4, 2014. A single-player / co-op campaign is also under development called Squadron 42.