Star Citizen Raises $46M In Funding From Outside Investors Valuing Company at $460M

Chris Roberts announced today that Cloud Imperium Games, the studio behind Star Citizen, raised $46M in funding from a private investor valuing his enterprise at $460M. Alongside the fundraising announcement Roberts revealed that Star Citizen's single player title Squadron 42 will be released sometime in the summer of 2020. No word on when the game's persistent universe is set to [...]

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Star Citizen Gets Official Release Date - Launching April 15th, New $79,000 Ships For Sale

Cloud Imperium Games announced today that Star Citizen will be launching on April 15th, 2018 with its full MMO module and all other promised features. To celebrate the official launch of the game, the game will be selling special limited edition Corsair X900 Capital ships for $79,000 each (50% off their regular price and with a special limited time insignia). [...]

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Star Citizen to Feature In Game Faceware

Star Citizen has just announced their new in-game faceware feature, Faceover Internet Protocol (FOIP), at a recent demo at Gamescom 2017. Faceover IP uses motion-capture technology that tracks a user's facial movements and expressions, and with real-time playback projects these facial movements onto their in-game character. Along with the Diogenic IP, which allows for realistic distortion of a player's voice [...]

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