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Valiant Force

Valiant Force is a mobile fantasy strategy RPG where players summon and battle heroes on a grid-based map. Complete quests, fight in the Arena, and participate in events for rewards.

Publisher: FunPlus
Type: Mobile RPG Strategy
Release Date: May, 2017
Shut Down: December 11, 2019
Pros: +Beautiful artwork. +Over 40 different classes for 200+ heroes. +Gear crafting. +Regular events to rank for rewards.
Cons: -Repetitive gameplay.

Valiant Force Shut Down on December 11, 2019


Valiant Force Overview

An epic tale awaits players in Valiant Force, a mobile RPG strategy game with turn-based combat. Summon over two hundred unique heroes in varying rarities and tactically place them on a grid-based map. Equip heroes with armor and weapons, forging similar-rarity gear to obtain better ones. Heroes come in a host of different classes (40+), each with their own abilities; limit-break them up to five times to unlock their potential. Complete quests for PvE battles and fight in the Arena for PvP. Participate in server-wide events and rank higher on the ladderboards to receive rewards, and manage a garrison—constructing buildings for resources and combat support.

Valiant Force Key Features:

  • Turn-Based Combat – fresh turn-based combat with grid-based teams of heroes.
  • 200+ Heroes – summon over two hundred different heroes from 40+ classes.
  • Beautiful Artwork – the in-game art enhances the fantasy world experience.
  • Craft Gear – acquire gear and outfit each hero with armor and weapons. Craft similar armor and weapon pieces to obtain higher rarity ones.
  • Rank in Events participate in regular events to take down bosses, rank in a ladder, and receive rewards.

Valiant Force Screenshots

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Full Review

Valiant Force Review

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Valiant Force Screenshots


Valiant Force Videos

System Requirements

Valiant Force System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 4.0 or later / iOS 5.1.1 or later.


Valiant Force Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Valiant Force Additional Information

Developer(s): XII Braves
Publisher(s): FunPlus

Language(s): English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian

Platform(s): Android, iOS

Closed Beta Release Date: August 25, 2016
Open Beta Release Date: September 2016
Full Release Date:
May, 2017

Shut Down: December 11, 2019

Development History / Background:

Valiant Force is a mobile RPG strategy game developed by XII Braves and published by FunPlus. Development began in 2014, before XII Braves partnered with FunPlus for a global launch in 2015. Valiant Force entered closed beta testing in August 2016, followed by a short open beta in September 2016. A full global release is happened in May, 2017. The game was shut down on December 11, 2019.

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