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WAR7 is a free-to-play 3D MMO Shooter with a variety of game modes such as Free For All and Team Deathmatch in a top-down view. Customize characters and guns to add personality, and bring up to five weapons into battle.

Publisher: CPsoft
Playerbase: TBD
Type: MMO Shooter
Release Date: October 21, 2016
Pros: +Variety of game modes. +Character and gun customization. +Switch between five guns in battle.
Cons: -Limited information available.


WAR7 Overview

"Never give up!" is the mantra in WAR7, a top-down 3D MMO Shooter where players can jump into an arcade of game modes to light up enemies. Play in single-player modes like Challenges, where certain objectives must be accomplished within a time period. Wage war against players in online multiplayer modes such as Free For All and Team Deathmatch. Take up to five guns into battle, switching between them for different firerates and damage. Unlock and acquire pistols, laser guns, grenade launchers, and assault rifles. Customize and personalize both characters and weapons with skins and outfits. Compete in tournaments, complete achievements, and create custom games. Fight on different maps with combat buffs scattered about, like health packs and ATK boosts.

WAR7 Key Features:

  • Single-Player Modes – run in solo with guns blazing in various single-player modes such as Challenges.
  • Multiplayer Modes – choose from over four different game modes including Free For All and Team Deathmatch.
  • Unlock Weapons – get your hands on a pool of weapons, from assault rifles to laser guns.
  • Customize Characters and Guns – personalize characters with outfits and colors, and change the skins on guns.
  • Create Custom Matches – make your own game and invite friends to play.

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WAR7 Review

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System Requirements

WAR7 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 1 GHz
Video Card: Any GPU with 256 MB Video Ram
Hard Disk Space: 600 MB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7
CPU: Any 1 GHz processor
Video Card: Any GPU with 256 MB Video Ram
Hard Disk Space: 600 MB 


WAR7 Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

WAR7 Additional Information

Developer(s): CPsoft
Publisher(s): CPsoft

Platform(s): PC

Release Date: October 14, 2016

Development History / Background:

WAR7 is a 3D MMO Shooter developed and published by CPsoft. It is developed by a single developer. The game will be released in October 2016 as a free-to-play game via Valve's Steam service.