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Wonder5 Masters

Wonder5 Masters is a 2D hero-collecting social RPG on mobile devices with anime-inspired 3D graphics, many Heroes to collect, automated combat with a drag/targeting skill system, over 100 stages to explore, PVP, and many additional modes.

Publisher: Eyedentity Mobile
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: August 18, 2015
Pros: +High quality, anime-inspired graphics. +Drag/targeting skill system. +Many Heroes to collect.
Cons: -Combat may feel automated. -Repetitive gameplay.



Wonder5 Masters Overview

Wonder5 Masters is a 2D hero-collecting social RPG developed and published by Eyedentity Mobile, the same creators of the popular mobile RPG, Iron Knights, and the more recently released Grand Chase M. Assemble a party of Heroes and fight through waves of powerful enemies. Collect over 100 unique Heroes that range in five different classes (Warrior, Paladin, Assassin, Magician, Priest). Experience high quality, anime-inspired 3D graphics and top notch animations. Defeat your foes with strategically placed skills via the game’s unique skill drag/targeting system. Climb the leaderboards by defeating players around the world in the Arena. Fight through many other modes including Ancient Dungeon, Air Fortress, and Predator (Boss Raid). Upgrade and evolve your Heroes, and even customize them with unique skins. Join the battle today in this fast-paced, social RPG.

Wonder5 MastersFeatures:

  • Stage-based Levels – Fight through over 100 unique stages full of monsters, bosses, and immersive environments.
  • 3D Anime Graphics – High quality, anime-inspired graphics bring each character to life with realistic animations and fan service for male audiences.
  • Fast-paced Combat – Watch as your Heroes engage in fast-paced combat with a drag/targeting skill system that adds strategy to each battle.
  • Many Heroes to Collect – Collect over 100 Heroes with different appearances, abilities, and classes. Heroes can be upgraded and evolved to become even more powerful.
  • Additional Modes – Battle other players in the Arena, clear dungeons in the Ancient Dungeon, survive in the Air Fortress, and face powerful bosses in Predator (Boss Raid).

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Full Review

Wonder5 Masters Review

By, Herman Y.

Wonder5 Masters is a free-to-play, 3D social RPG developed and published by Eyedentity Mobile, a Korean mobile game developer formerly known as Actoz Soft most known for their RPGs, Iron Knights and Grand Chase M. Wonder5 Masters is yet another hero-collecting RPG, which are very popular in Asia, with very similar gameplay to the popular mobile game, Heroes Charge. While I was originally doubtful I would enjoy this game due to the uninspiring concept, playing it for a couple of hours completely changed my opinion of the game. Wonder5 Masters offers great anime-inspired graphics, making it one of the best looking hero-collecting RPGs, and it feels very polished. There are also many unique features such as a drag/targeting skill system, fast-paced battles, and a unique upgrade system that sets it apart from similar games.

Fighting Through the Stages
Wonder5 Masters is stage-based with over 100 stages spread out along a large world map. There is a boss battle every 5 stages and each map contains 10 stages. Every stage consists of 3 waves of enemies and Heroes will automatically run along the stage after each wave. Wonder5 Masters is faster paced than most other hero-collecting RPGs and each stage only lasts about 1-3 minutes. Completing stages gives Player experience, Hero experience, gold, and upgrade material. Unlike Hello Hero and other similar RPGs, monsters cannot be collected and added to the party. Each stage has a “Skill Fast-forward” option that speeds up the skill animations and after players complete a stage, they unlock an “Auto-Skill” option for that stage. However, the “Auto-Skill” option is very inefficient which results in Heroes using skills carelessly (Healers healing Heroes with full HP and Heroes using skills on nearly dead enemies). Therefore, it is better to manually use skills. Each stage requires energy, which slowly refills, and the game gives out free energy quite often. Stages tend to get difficult fairly quickly starting in the 2nd map so players will have to do a lot of farming to upgrade and evolve their Heroes in order to advance in the game. There is also a story and humorous character dialogue before and after certain stages.

Great Anime-Inspired Graphics
Wonder5 Masters has impressive anime-inspired graphics. The character models are completely in 3D even though the camera angle displays the game from the side like a side-scroller. After long and careful examination, I determined that all the backgrounds were actually 2D but drawn in a way that makes them appear 3D. The background environments look nice and varied, with some animated foreground effects, and were artistically drawn to give them a 3D appearance using fine shading and depth of field techniques. The character models also look really great in this game. They are a mix of cartoony and realistic and look very detailed compared to other mobile games. In addition, the models offer fan service to male players through sexualized female Heroes seen in many Korean games. All the monsters and enemies are also very well-drawn and range from cute to intimidating to frightful. The game has flashy skills and impactful attacks and sound effects. All the skills also involve a 3D camera rotation around Heroes that looks really cool (with a color changing background to hide the fact that the backgrounds are 2D).

The Battle System
The combat in Wonder5 Masters is very similar to that of Heroes Charge and Hello Hero in that the characters will automatically attack, but feels faster-paced. Players can assemble a party of up to 5 Heroes and watch them fight through each wave of monsters but have no real control over how their Heroes move or which monster to attack. However, the combat is fast-paced enough that monsters die relatively quickly and the game still appears action packed. Wonder5 Masters does, however, have a unique skill system that gives more control over mobile games with similar combat. When a Hero’s mana bar is full, players can drag the Hero’s icon onto the screen which either creates an AOE region or allows players to specifically target a monster. This system adds some strategy and intuition to the game since players will need to aim where to apply the skill or which enemy to target. Some of the AOE skill attacks are shaped in a straight line or in a circle so players have to aim it in order to hit as many enemies as possible. Due to the steep rise in difficulty of the stages, using skills at the right time and on the right ally or enemy makes a huge difference in the outcome of the battle.

Collectable Heroes
Wonder5 Masters has many Heroes to collect with five different classes. The classes include Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Assassin, and Priest. Each Hero has different abilities and roles despite their class, but generally, Warriors are frontline fighters with balanced attack power and defense, Paladins are tanks with healing abilities, Mages are powerful, ranged spell casters, Assassins deal high damage and can be either ranged or melee, and Priests are supportive healers. Again, despite the class system, each Hero is very unique and has different abilities and stats that make them very different. Heroes can be unlocked after players collect enough Hero stones (fragments) to unlock that Hero from completing stages, achievements, and quests, or Summons. Upon reach 4 stars, or by spending Gems, players can also unlock special skins for their Heroes. Additionally, Heroes have skills that can be leveled up with gold, and equipment that is unlocked at level 20.

Wonder5 Masters has a fairly unique upgrade and evolution system for its Heroes. Heroes can be upgraded after players collect and sacrifice 6 specific upgrade items for that Hero. These items are mainly farmed from stages and as Heroes rank up, it becomes harder to obtain these items. Some items have to be created by combining other items together and as Heroes rank up, more and more items have to be combined to make the necessary upgrade items. Because of this, there is quite a lot of stage farming to do in this game and players will have to farm and combine different items for various Heroes. Upgrading Heroes increases their stats and allows them to be leveled higher. Heroes can also be evolved with enough Hero stones, which can be farmed from certain stages (with low drop rates) or obtained from quests, acheivements, login rewards, and summons. Each evolution requires more Hero stones and evolving Heroes adds a star to their rank, increases their stats, and unlocks a new skill for that Hero.

PVP and Additional Modes
Wonder5 Masters’ PVP takes place in the Arena, which is unlocked at level 10. Upon entering the Arena, players can select an opponent from a short list of randomized players and then watch the two parties fight it out in purely automated combat. Players have no control over the PVP and Heroes will automatically attack and use skills. There is a rank system and players can climb the leaderboards by winning battles. Players can also obtain PVP points to use in the Arena Shop to purchase upgrade material, Hero fragments, and consumable items. Players can only participate in 5 PVP battles a day and there is a 10 minute cooldown between each battle.

There are also additional game modes which include Ancient Dungeon, Air Fortress, and Predator. Ancient Dungeon is a special dungeon mainly for farming. There are 3 Ancient Dungeons: Gold Ship, where players can obtain gold, Dimensional Crack, where players can obtain experience potions, and Faust Magic Society, where players can obtain upgrade material. One of these three dungeons is open each day and players can play 5 of these a day. They are a great way to farm gold, experience, or upgrade material. Air Fortress is a survival mode where players fight through floors of tougher and tougher enemies and can earn a good amount of gold and upgrade items. Lastly, Predator is a boss raid mode in which players are given rewards based on the amount of damage dealt on the boss. Each mode has a cooldown after each completion (i.e. 10 minute cooldown after each Ancient Dungeon) so they cannot be spammed even though players are limited to 5 attempts a day.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)
The in-app purchases in Wonder5 Masters mainly revolve around the standard Gacha gambling system. With Gems (premium currency), players can open chests to summon random Heroes/Hero fragments and equipment. There are also two chests that players can use to obtain up to 5 free upgrade material a day, after a 10 minute cooldown each, and one of these chests can be opened with friend points obtained from a daily friend gifting system. Players can also use Gems to purchase Energy and reset cooldown timers such as in the Arena. Players can obtain some Gems for free, although not as easily compared to other hero-collecting RPGs, from login rewards, achievements, and quests. Overall, the in-app purchases aren’t too bad but gives players an advantage in PVP and reduces time spent farming, and there is a lot of farming in this game.

Final Verdict – Great
Wonder5 Masters is a very polished hero-collecting RPG that takes an old formula and greatly improves on it. With high quality visuals, many Heroes to collect, a unique intuitive skill system, and lots of modes and content, Wonder5 Masters is an addicting casual RPG that every mobile player should try it.

Also this game is endorsed by League of Legends pro player, Faker.


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System Requirements

Wonder5 Masters System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Android 4.1 and up


Wonder5 Masters Music & Soundtrack

Additional Information

Wonder5 Masters Additional Information

Developer: Eyedentity Mobile
Publisher: Eyedentity Mobile
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release Date: August 18, 2015

Wonder5 Masters was developed and published by Eyedentity Mobile (formerly known as Actoz Soft), a South Korean game publisher most known for publishing the PC MMORPG, Dragon Nest, and the mobile online RPG, Iron Knights. They recently published Grand Chase M which resembles Wonder5 Masters a lot in terms of gameplay. Wonder5 Masters launched worldwide for Android on August 18, 2015 and surpassed 100,000 downloads within a week of its release. The iOS release date is yet to be announced. Eyedentity Mobile is also the publisher of the popular mobile games, One for Eleven and Retimo Adventure.