Temtem Celebrates The Holidays With Its First-Ever In-Game Event ‘Winterfest’

temtem mmorpg winterfest 2022 christmas tree

Temtem is holding its first-ever in-game event following its official launch back in September and just in time for the holidays. Winterfest is now live in the creature-collecting MMORPG, bringing with it various challenges for players to take on to earn seasonal rewards. “You will see a series of challenges that will remain static and not change for the duration [...]

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Multiplayer Survival RPG Frozen Flame Launches Into Early Access On Steam

frozen flame survival rpg early access launch art

Frozen Flame first popped up on our radar back in mid-2020 when its developer Dreamside Interactive launched a $130,000 crowdfunding campaign on Fig. The game promised a multiplayer online action survival experience with settlement construction, dynamic third-person battles, dungeons, pet taming, and more, and was initially scheduled to launch into early access that same year. Unfortunately, those plans fell through [...]

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SMITE Kicks Off RuneScape Crossover Event And Introduces A New Battle Pass

smite moba runescape crossover cerberus black dragon skin

RuneScape is invading SMITE this month as the third-person god battler kicks off a crossover event with the classic MMORPG. The event introduces low-polygon RuneScape outfits for several gods, goddesses, and mythical figures including Bellona, Cerberus, Merlin, Neith, and Vamana. Players will also be able to complete event quests while wearing the new RuneScape skins to obtain a variety of [...]

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Yulgang Global

yulgang global p2e mmorpg gameplay screenshot

Yulgang Global is a 2.5D play-to-earn Korean mobile MMORPG where players can earn cryptocurrency through the WeMix blockchain platform. The game comes with all the trappings of a typical MMORPG including questing, dungeons, pets, mounts, and PvP. Publisher: Tigon Mobile Playerbase: Medium Type: P2E Mobile MMORPG Release Date: April 1, 2022 Pros: +Earn real-world money by playing. +Auto-pathing feature. +Has [...]

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Adorable Bunny Mount Up For Grabs In Albion Online’s Rites Of Spring Event

albion online pvp mmorpg spring cottontail mount banner

Following its cryptic reveal last week, Sandbox Interactive has revealed the mysterious new entity that’s coming to Albion Online in this year’s Rites of Spring event. Turns out, it’s a giant fuzzy bunny mount that players can ride as they go on adventures and explore the massive world of Albion. “Rumors have been circulating throughout Albion of a strange, never-before-seen [...]

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Elder Scrolls Online Holiday Festivities Officially Begin With The Return Of The New Life Festival

elder scrolls online new life festival firebreathing banner

As announced earlier this week, the New Life Festival is now well underway in Elder Scrolls Online featuring special daily quests, exclusive rewards, and bonus XP gains courtesy of Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug. Here’s how to participate in the annual merry-making: “To join the joyful fete, acquire the New Life Festival quest from the in-game Crown Store and use it [...]

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Square Enix Announces Babylon’s Fall Release Date Along With A New Trailer

babylon's fall multiplayer rpg key art banner

NieR:Automata’s PlatinumGames and Square Enix announced the official release date for Babylon’s Fall at The Game Awards last night, alongside a new trailer for the upcoming multiplayer action RPG. The new trailer sheds light on the game’s lore and gives fans a glimpse of what’s waiting within the Tower of Babylon. “In Babylon’s Fall, players become a group of warriors [...]

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