The Skies Gameplay - First Look

The Skies Gameplay First Look by Omer

The Skies is a free to play MMORPG / shooter hybrid from Ukrainian studio Eforb. The game is set in a huge open world desert similar to the environment in Fallen Earth. The game is largely open ended and features many ways to customize your character. The gameplay vaguely reminds me of SZone Online. Despite the variety and open ended gameplay, The Skies currently (in Early Access) lacks polish - as it suffers from glitches, poor translations, and other issues.

  • Zariarn

    What I learned from this first look: If you want to get ripped, punch clocks daily.

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  • Musa

    thats what happens when u skip dialogues bro xD

  • This game right now sucks big time. I know it is on Alpha but I don't see this game developing into something better. You pay 15 dollars for lifetime premium and can craft item faster. The also sell gold for real money so it is once of those games where you pay to win. If you don't invest real money in the game you will probably have a shitty experience. In my experience I bought 50 dollars on game gold and had to ask for a refund because the game keep crashing. I didn't get my money back. Be warned..