The Skies Launches On Early Access


Eforb announced via Facebook that their post-apocalyptic MMORPG The Skies has officially launched on Steam Early Access. Unlike most Early Access titles, the game is available as a free download, supported by a completely optional $9.99/month subscription that provides non-essential benefits. A lifetime subscription will be available for only $14.99 until May 16th.

The game boasts a non-linear storyline and clan wars. Clans can own and govern captured territory. The game's economy is completely player-driven. The world is said to be changed by players' actions.

You can download The Skies now on Steam.

  • Mike van Putten (Hades)

    Extremely laggy and bugged gankfest. All hail Early Access.

    • LAMBDA471

      At least it's free at this point, many other EA games require you to pay up. And here is the thing that many people forget what EA stands for (dodgy game company is one thing, but that's not the point) and they are only given a chance to explore the game and leave feedback if they like it. Many people take it for the finished product and bash it. Now, I haven't tried The Skies yet, but I plan on doing so later today, so it's not like I'm defending it, I might end up not liking it one bit.

      • Mike van Putten (Hades)

        Free should not be used as an excuse for anything. Giving a person a bag filled with thrash for free does not void the fact that it's a bag filled with trash. Early Access is used so that people can try a product and write feedback for the betterment of the game before it's fully finished. Except when a game is put into early access in such a shoddy state that they can't even play it properly, people start writing negative things.

        In my experience:
        The game suffers from unplayable lag. And when you do manage to fight your way through the lag to the main world? Instant Player Killing. Step out of the city gates- Boom you're dead.

        Heck, who knows. Maybe this game does get better, maybe we never hear from it again.

        • LAMBDA471

          I just tried it, it's in really early stage and I didn't enjoy it. I have nothing else to add.