The Skies Gets A Clan-Focused Update, Now Available Outside Of Steam


Skies Technologies announced today that The Skies has received a new update that focuses on the game's clan system. Also included is a new daily leaderboard that compares the ratings of all active clans.

The full set of features introduced in the update are as follows.

  • The leader of the clan can now transfer his authorities to other two players, and the clan will be able to take part in three battles simultaneously.
  • Clans’ levels will impact the amount of in-game currency and XP gained by each member for in-game actions.
  • The limit to clan size is now connected to the clan’s level – hence, players will do their best to to grow and become stronger as a clan!
  • Additional respawn points are given for capturing territories that offer the opportunity to request cars, shops, repairs or to buy randomly generated valuable goods.
  • General rating of clans is introduced on the server.
  • A daily challenge with a daily leaderboard and the Best Wanderer Title are introduced, together with a reward.

The Skies also can now be downloaded via the official website in addition to on Steam, allowing anyone to play regardless of whether they use Steam.

Additionally, Skies Technologies announced today that they intend to have the PC Beta out by the end of 2016. A PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Beta will follow in early 2017.