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Jagex is the largest independent game developer and publisher in the UK. They are known for Runescape, a game that once held the Guiness World Record for the most popular free-to-play MMORPG.

Official Site: Jagex.com
Company Size: 400+ Employees
Region(s): United Kingdom
Year Founded: 2001
Phone Number: +44-844-588-8880
Email: press@jagex.com

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Spacetime Studios

Spacetime Studios is US-based independent game development company and is the first 3D MMO company in history to implement multi-platform support.

Official Site: spacetimestudios.com
Company Size: 50+ Employees
Region(s): US (HQ)
Year Founded: 2005
Phone Number: +1-512-904-4700
Email: support@spacetimestudios.com

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Com2Us is an award-winning Korean game developer and publisher, and one of the top mobile game developers in Korea.

Official Site: com2us.com
Company Size: 500+ Employees
Region(s): Korea (HQ)
Year Founded: 1998
Phone Number: +82-2-6292-6111
Email: info@com2us.com

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JoyCity is a Korean game developer and publisher known for their online sports games such as FreeStyle, Free Style 2, and Free Style Football.

Official Site: JoyCity.com
Company Size: 300+ Employees
Region(s): Korea
Year Founded: 1994
Phone Number: +82-31-789-6500
Email: support@joycity.com

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Fedeen Games

Fedeen Games is a Chinese game developer and publisher that specializes in creating high quality, entertaining, and innovative mobile games.

Official Site: Fedeen.com
Company Size: 50+ Employees
Region(s): Hong Kong, China
Year Founded: 2014
Phone Number: -
Email: community@fedeen.com

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Smilegate is a Korean developer and publisher of online and mobile games and is the company behind the widely-popular FPS CrossFire.

Official Site: Smilegate.com
Company Size: 1000+ employees
Region(s): Korea
Year Founded: 2002
Phone Number: +82-31-600-8200
Email: info@smilegate.com

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Gameloft is a French gaming company and one of the largest video game developers and publishers for smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and other platforms

Official Site: Gameloft.com
Company Size: 5000+ Employees
Region(s): France (HQ), Global
Year Founded: 2000
Phone Number:+33 1 58 16 20 40
Email: support@gameloft.com

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Bigpoint Games is a German gaming company that specializes in developing browser-based and social network games.

Official Site: Bigpoint.com
Company Size: 800+ Employees
Region(s): Germany (HQ), Global
Year Founded: 2002
Phone Number:+49-4088-1413-0
Email: info@bigpoint.net

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Travian Games

Travian Games is a Munich-based game company known for developing and publishing some of the world’s leading browser-based online games.

Official Site: Traviangames.com
Company Size: 200+ employees
Region(s): Germany (HQ), Global
Year Founded: 2005
Phone Number:+49-089-324915-0
Email: mail@Traviangames.com

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