X-Legend Entertainment is a Taiwan based MMORPG developer and publisher whose free to play games are available in over 15 countries and in over a dozen different languages.

Official Site: X-Legend.tw
Company Size: Large (100+ employees)
Region(s): Taiwan (HQ), Global
Year Founded: 2002
Phone Number: +886-2-7718-6620
Email: company@x-legend.com.tw

X-Legend was founded in 2002 and has been publicly listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since 2013. The company got its start publishing localized versions of Korean MMORPGs like Knight Online before going on to develop its own titles through a subsidiary called Easyfun. X-Legend has released progressively more polished anime style MMORPGs for over a decade. Many of their games are available in North America and Europe through licensing partnerships with publishers including Aeria Games and CyberStep, while self-publishing their own titles in their home country of Taiwan. Their games are available world-wide in over 14 different languages and have been popular in Japan and China as well. With over $47M usd in revenue in 2014 and a fast growing portfolio of games, X-Legend is one of the larger independant free to play MMORPG developers.

Client Games

Client Games (Download to play) developed by X-Legend:

Dragon Slayer Online (Dragomon Hunter)
Fantasy Frontier Online (Aura Kingdom)
Legendary Heroes Online
Glory Destiny Online (Spirit Tales)
Finding Neverland Online (Eden Eternal)
JiangHu Saga Online (Kitsu Saga)
Grand Fantasia
Holy Beast Online
Astral Realm (Twin Saga)
LaPlace Online

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No download) from X-Legend:


Mobile Games

Mobile Games from X-Legend:


Contact Information

X-Legend Contact Information:

Email: company@x-legend.com.tw
Phone Number: +886-2-7718-6620
Fax Number: +886-2-7718-6880
Corporate Address: No. 45 Dongxing Road 6th Floor, Xinyi District Taipei City, 110 Taiwan