DXRacer Air Mesh Chair Review

Product Information:

Manufacturer: DXRacer
Product: AIR Mesh Gaming Chair
Purchase Price: $499

*Note: This product was provided by DXRacer for review purposes.


Since their introduction in 2006, gaming chairs have gone on to become mainstream products. Chairs with that characteristic look, glaring color palate and 'gamer' branding can now be found at your local big box or office supply store in a wide range of prices. The race to the bottom has left these chairs all looking and feeling the same.

Fortunately, the company that first introduced this product line to the marketplace has released a new version that refreshes both the aesthetics and utility of the gaming chair. The DXRacer Air Mesh provides both the firm, sturdy feel we've come to expect from such chairs with a look that, depending on the color, feels just as natural in front of a triple-monitor gaming set-up as it does in a home office environment.

Packaging - What's in the Box

The DXRacer AIR Mesh comes in functional, but barebones packaging. Plenty of bubble wrap and a few pieces of polystyrene foam ensure the chair arrives safely, but the unboxing experience lacks any sort of pizazz. Assembly is quick and simple, with the DXRacer adjustable armrests coming preinstalled. I normally don't bother with armrests on chairs as they prevent me from sliding into my desk, but that wasn't an issue with this chair. The armrests are height adjustable, and can even slide horizontally to suit your needs. If you lack a second pair of hands to help you with joining the backrest with the bottom portion, you can use a towel to help hold the backrest in position. An official DXRacer Youtube video proves instructive in this scenario. The included paper manual is simple to understand and easy to follow.

A New Level of Comfort

Once your chair is assembled, it can be adjusted to fit your preferences. The firm memory foam head rest comes pre-attached, as does the lumbar support. Unlike most gaming chairs, the lumbar support on the AIR mesh is not a detachable pillow, but a detachable hard plastic rod. I found it to be more comfortable than previous pillow options and left it in the default position it came in. Those who are short or taller than average may need to make an adjustment. The most impressive part of the chair is its ability to provide the same firm feel but with a combination of mesh and springs. This makes it the only gaming chair I've seen that isn't a sweat magnet. Hours of bare skin on other gaming chairs often leaves pools of sweat that are both uncomfortable and damaging to those chairs. With the AIR Mesh, that hasn't been a problem in the 7+ days I've used it thus far. Cleaning the chair is also much easier for the same reason. I used to lay a towel on my previous gaming chair before sitting on it if I didn't have pants on. Now, I can lounge freely while wearing shorts.

Fit For Service

Another advantage of the AIR Mesh, at least in the Black and perhaps White & Cyan color options, is its less garish aesthetic. Truth be told, I prefer a more subtle look in my peripherals. With the Black AIR Mesh, I was shocked upon final assembly to be looking at something that clearly had the silhouette of a gaming chair yet looked completely appropriate in any office setting. With the growth of home offices and video conferencing over the past two years, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the AIR Mesh to anyone working from home. For those who spends two shifts, work and play, on their computer every day, the AIR Mesh easily fits both roles.


At $499, the AIR Mesh is a premium product in the gaming chair category. Fortunately, the heavy duty mesh and metal frame make it stand out. In the broader premium office chair market, the AIR Mesh offers great value for dollar. Like other gaming chairs, however, it should be noted that the AIR Mesh is quite firm. The product is geared towards those who appreciate a firm chair that promotes good posture. The official stats indicate the chair is designed for users up to 6'2'' in height and up to 250 pounds. If you're within that threshold, the AIR Mesh makes is a great chair. Overall, the AIR Mesh is my new top pick among gaming chairs and comes highly recommended.

All-New Air Series Mesh Gaming Chair

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