Coming Full Circle: Some People Just Want Simplicity!

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By, Kieren Charles, Associate Design Director, Old School RuneScape Excitement and expectations surrounding the trajectory of gaming are covered in great detail, chief among them how the latest digital technology brings the most advanced experiences to gamers. However, despite living in a technologically advanced era, not everyone is looking for breathtaking graphics and the best technology - for a whole [...]

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Happy New Year From!

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2022 marks my 7th year as a writer for (Yay!) and for the first time in those seven years I suddenly had the urge to write you guys a short new year message. The past year hasn’t been as crazy as 2020 was, but it’s still been a trying time for everyone all across the globe. Being able to [...]

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Losing The Bet: A Maplestory Story

maplestory 2 darkness looms

Every year around the holidays I place a bet. Every year around the holidays I lose a bet. What I lose is time. What I gain is 200 levels in MapleStory. My 3080ti groans. The bets are always inane, stupid, trivial. One year I said that NBC would run sympathetic headlines about Incels by New Years. I played Adele. This [...]

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Mad World First Impressions (Browser MMORPG)

Various MMORPGs have come and gone, trying to add spice, or trying to revolutionize some component of this age old formula. Mad World is no exception to this pattern, marketing itself as a game centered around its cross-platform capabilities. Written in HTML5, the Korean, browser-based MMORPG virtually has no barrier to entry, requiring only a device that can open a [...]

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A Polemic On Making Hard Games Easy

Media personalities are insane. They are digitized egos yearning for validation in the black hole of opinion. No light escapes, but sometimes there’s a paycheck—unless the writers busy learning to code. Video game critics (who will be called by their appropriate designation, “bloggers”) arguably exhale the largest gravity sucking spheres of nonsense. Either their editorial meetings race to the bottom [...]

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Zen And The Art of Terraria

As I considered entering a silent retreat to find Zen among cacti and burnt out hippies, a digital monastery rose out of my Steam library. I could find my center from the comfort of a chair designed for 250 and up. What was it? A game. Not just any game. But the kind of game that dances in dreams, tantalizes [...]

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