In Defense of Toxicity In Online Gaming

overwatch winston angry

In the world of online gaming, toxicity is often seen as a negative thing. Developers, in an attempt to create a more friendly and welcoming environment, have implemented strict moderation policies and have discouraged the use of harsh language and negative behavior which has resulted in an overly sanitized and unnatural environment. But what if I were to tell you [...]

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Mobile MMORPGs Are the Future of The Genre

black desert mobile dark knight banner

Oh, what a time to be alive! Mobile MMORPGs, the epitome of gaming excellence, the future of online role-playing games. No longer do we have to worry about the hassle of actually playing a game. No longer do we have to stress about mouse accuracy or keyboard proficiency. No longer do we have to suffer through the agony of decision [...]

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MMORPGs Are Not Dying

world of warcraft dragonflight key art banner

The MMORPG genre has been a staple of gaming for over two decades now, and despite what some may say, it's not dying. Instead, the genre has simply matured and evolved in response to changes in the industry and player preferences. One of the most evident signs of the continued success of MMORPGs is the ongoing popularity of World of [...]

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MMORPGs are Dying

ultima online gathering banner

MMORPGs, the genre that once brought us boundless adventure, meaningful connections, and unforgettable memories, is dying. The world of massive multiplayer online role-playing games that once captivated us is slowly fading into the past, and it's a sorrowful reality to face. I remember the days when I first discovered Ultima Online. The excitement of exploring a vast, open world filled [...]

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Coming Full Circle: Some People Just Want Simplicity!

old school runescape guardians of the rift banner

By, Kieren Charles, Associate Design Director, Old School RuneScape Excitement and expectations surrounding the trajectory of gaming are covered in great detail, chief among them how the latest digital technology brings the most advanced experiences to gamers. However, despite living in a technologically advanced era, not everyone is looking for breathtaking graphics and the best technology - for a whole [...]

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Happy New Year From!

happy new year 2022 banner

2022 marks my 7th year as a writer for (Yay!) and for the first time in those seven years I suddenly had the urge to write you guys a short new year message. The past year hasn’t been as crazy as 2020 was, but it’s still been a trying time for everyone all across the globe. Being able to [...]

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Losing The Bet: A Maplestory Story

maplestory 2 darkness looms

Every year around the holidays I place a bet. Every year around the holidays I lose a bet. What I lose is time. What I gain is 200 levels in MapleStory. My 3080ti groans. The bets are always inane, stupid, trivial. One year I said that NBC would run sympathetic headlines about Incels by New Years. I played Adele. This [...]

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