The Easter Event Guide 2016 Edition


It's Easter again this Sunday, which means that various games are running light-hearted events that fit the occasion. Some games are hiding eggs around their game worlds while others are holding vase smashing events. We've created this guide to help you decide what you want to make time for this Easter.

Black Desert Online

From now until April 6th, Black Desert Online has several Easter events running. There are five different types of Easter eggs in-game that can be found by "gathering, fishing, or killing monsters." If you have 10 eggs of each kind, they can be traded in for a Black Spirit Egg, which has unknown effects. If you collect 40 of the same type, they can be traded in for a special piece of furniture.

Each player that creates an image of a Black Spirit Egg in MS Paint and posts it here will get 3 Random Dye Boxes.

Dye Box Bundles are 80 Pearls instead of 120 until April 6th.

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Cabal 2

From now until March 31st, players level 10 or higher can "warp to Frey Hilltown and participate in the Easter Moon Bunny Dungeon." There they will fight Moon Bunnies that drop materials needed to craft Gold or Silver Eggs. Each egg contains one random item from its respective list, which can be seen here. Each time players attempt to craft an egg, they have a chance at crafting a Divine Egg instead, which has a random chance at higher quality items.

Each player will get "up to 20 [Easter Moon Bunny Dungeon] entries per day." Everything obtained from the dungeon, including "most Bunny Masks," will expire after 10 days.

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Elsword has several Easter events running. Players will receive daily reward of 10 Easter Eggs and one Resurrection Stone Lucky Cube if they log in on a character that is level 10 or higher for 10 minutes that day. Resurrection Stone Lucky Cubes offer a chance at up to 100 Resurrection Stones while Easter Eggs instantly restore HP and MP to 100%.

Players can obtain one Broken Shell Piece for each three Easter Harpy Nests they destroy. These can then be traded in for various rewards.

From now until March 29th, "Life Crystals, Fetch Auras, and El Tree Fruits" are all 30% off. A "Fancy Easter Harpy Costume Suit" featuring "Physical Defense power +20, Magical Defense Power +20, All Resist +20, Attack Speed 0.5%, [and] Critical 0.5%" is available for purchase. An Easter Egg Dream Step can also be purchased.

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Fiesta Online

On March 27th, Fiesta Online is running an Easter Hunt. There is a special event map with 2000 eggs hidden within it. Players will be awarded Easter Points by completing objectives on this map. Everyone that scores 12 points or higher will receive one of two 7-day companions. The top 3 players will receive more impressive rewards, with the first place receiving a permanent companion while second and third place will receive 30-day companions.

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Forge of Empires

From now until April 4th, Forge of Empires is tasking players with obtaining eggs through quests, the town hall, and by searching the world for a set of hidden eggs that is "triggered upon your first login of the day, when you finish an Easter quest, or when you buy Chests."

Chests can be bought with Eggs in the "new Easter Shop." They contain various rewards, including Tulips. Tulips will fill the new "Grand Prize bar." Once filled, the player will receive this year's grand prize, a new Shrine called the Shrine of Inspiration that produces Blueprints. It can be won "several times."

Other prizes include the Foeberge Shop, the Wisteria Topiary, and the Color Guard Camp, a new military building that produces the Color Guard unit. The Color Guard unit has the "Rally" ability, which boosts "your other units' attack and defense values."

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Trial of the Slingers: Grepolis Easter 2016


From March 24th until April 11th, Grepolis is holding the Trial of the Slingers event. Players are tasked with training their younger citizens how to shoot to prepare them for their time as warriors when they grow up. Each day, players get 10 stones to shoot vases with. Each vase will give players "up to 20 shards and honor points." These can then be used to purchase various items, such as "Heightened Senses, which doubles your earned Battle Points."

The event also features daily rankings, with rewards going to the player in first place each day. Community goals allow everyone to work together to obtain a specific amount of honor points daily for more rewards. Egg collections corresponding to the color of each pot grant players "a special award and helpful rewards" when completed.

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Heroes and Generals

From now until March 30th, Heroes and Generals has two Happy Easter Bundles on sale. Both contain varying amounts of Ribbon Boosters. One contains a full year of Veteran Membership.

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Legion of Heroes

Legion of Heroes is celebrating Easter with the introduction of the hero Triabbits.

From now until April 12th for Android users and April 13th for iOS users, "Operation: Recover the Golden Egg!" is running. Players can obtain Golden Eggs from dailies or from defeating "moquettes in Tower of Chaos battles." These can then be turned in for various rewards.

A March Costume Box is available for Hearts in the Shop. Only one can be purchased per player.

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MapleStory is holding a number of "Spring and Easter Events" between now and April 19th.

From now until April 6th, players that collect 30 Colored Eggs will be rewarded with "a new Daddy Moon Bunny Totem and some bunny-themed equips."

From now until April 6th, players can collect 10 eggs, put them in a basket, and give them to the Mad Bunny in exchange for "an Easter Charm and some restorative items." Players can collect red eggs in order to get the Mad Bunny's Easter Egg. The Mad Bunny's Easter Egg contains various items, including "bunny-themed mounts and chairs." Golden eggs can be traded in for XP.

From now until April 6th, holding onto Cassandra's Gold Colored Egg and a Paint Brush for 30 minutes will grant players "a Shiny Easter Egg buff that grants you 2x item drops for 30 minutes" and a Golden Easter Egg that contains random items, including "a new Mommy Moon Bunny Totem."

You can find the rest of the events listed here.

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Perfect World Entertainment

Perfect World Entertainment has various sales and events occurring over Easter weekend.

From now until March 28th, all of Neverwinter's mounts are 20% off.

From now until March 28th, various Star Trek Online account services are 20% off.

From now until March 28th, Battle of the Immortals is offering 1 Reward Point per Zen purchased.

From now until March 28th, War of the Immortals is offering 1 Reward Point per Zen purchased.

From now until March 28th, Jade Dynasty is offering 100 Reward Points per 10 Jaden purchased.

From now until March 29th, Forsaken World is offering 100 Reward Points per 40 Eyrda Leaves purchased.

From now until March 31st, all Champions Online account services are 25% off.

From March 25th until March 29th, Perfect World International players will receive a reward every day that they log in. Only characters level 90 or higher qualify to receive the event's rewards.

Starting today, Swordsman Online has a new "Chance Pack" available. This could contain a "Blazing Shadow Mount" and various other rewards. It is only available for two weeks.

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Portal Knights

From now until April 10th, players will be able to find Easter Eggs "across the grass-themed realms of Portal Knights." The ones that spawn in-game must be destroyed in order to obtain smaller eggs. Once enough are obtained, they can be crafted into "a Golden Easter Egg trophy."

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Skyforge has several Easter events running over the course of the weekend.

From now until March 31st, Skyforge's website has bunnies and eggs hidden across it. Counting them and emailing the team the amount you find will give players a chance at a 3-day Premium subscription.

From March 26th until March 28th, players can also count bunnies and eggs hidden in daily Facebook photos for more chances at a 3-day Premium subscription.

Players who are feeling creative can pick up eggs from the store, "decorate them with a Skyforge theme," and post pictures of them for a chance at both in-game and real-world prizes.

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Trion Worlds

A few small events are going on in Trion Worlds' titles.

Devilian now has a Duckling Outfit.

From now until March 28th, various costumes in Trove are 50% off.

From now until March 28th, "all Costume Bundles, Costume Armor, [and] Costume Weapons" in RIFT are 25% off.

From now until March 29th, players that log into ArcheAge will be granted 5 days of Patron status.

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Wakfu Raiders

From now until March 27th, Wakfu Raiders players have access to the Easter-themed hero Esther Firegale. Esther is described as "a fiesty leader of the Sacrier class with monstrous strength, she deals out harsh punishments to those who cross her path. Her temperament makes her an ideal melee-focused warrior who dishes out a lot of pain in the frontlines." She can be recruited by completing dailies.

The "Premium Easter Eggs Drop in Heroic Dungeons" is available this week only.

Heroic Dungeon resets will be available to players without VIP status from March 25th to March 27th "so that they can run through dungeons multiple times for additional rewards."

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Warframe's Lepus Headgear is back until March 28th. It is available in the Market for 5000 Credits.

While the Lepus Headgear is available, Easter Color Pickers can be purchased in the Market for 1 Credit each.

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  • Great information Matt. Thank you for compiling this list and sharing it.

  • Warframe is also still giving out the 3rd year anniversary weapons until the 29th I believe as well.

    Login and grab em before they are gone. The rifle is amazing <3

    Great guide Matt!

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