The Weekly Raid: Should MMORPGs Have In-Game Voice Chat?

Sometimes dungeons can be so hectic and involved that it's hard to type to your group members. Not that it matters. In most MMORPGs, group content is a snore, with no need to communicate. Does that mean we shouldn't talk at all?

A part of me thinks an in-game voice chat (VOIP) would let people talk nonsense during a dungeon—or whatever—and give a sense of presence to the other avatars in your group. But then another part of me thinks no one would make use of such a system. You would end up hearing somebody's parrot mockingly squawk their mother's aphorisms because they didn't know their mic was on.

So, maybe the fact that most MMORPGs don't have VOIP is for very good reason. Or, maybe the lacking communication system is an oversight.

Should MMORPGs have in-game voice chat? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Dan

    MMOs should have in game voice chat, would make it easier to communicate in pubs. I don't expect too many people would use it though. Probably not enough to warrant the development time.

  • Zarnot

    Would the Voice Chat take over the Text Chat ?

    • No, not at all. Just as an addition.

  • Yes. Make it optional and it seems like a win-win. I think its super valuable in certain situations and most of the time everyone doesnt need to be talking anyway. Usually 1 person needs to explain a fight and boom you're good to go.

  • Augosyx

    It's an addition which is more useful for raids.

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    Well, the problem is everything is so fast now you HAVE to use Voice Chat. One of the Reasons, WoW, Rift, and similar MMORPGs keep on chugging alone is because you don't need to communicate verbally for some roles. Another thing I will share is I'm a Black. A lot of people don't know about the misgivings you can have as a minority group when Voice Chat is the only way. I've avoided going to the End Game level in most action MMORPGs because everyone MUST be able to communicate verbally. Unfortunately, I don't like VOIP heavy games because I do not want my moments of escapism ruined by idiots. I know it's a bit off topic but I thought I'd offer a different perspective on VOIP. If they put it in you will be EXPECTED to use it. It's would be hard for someone like me to kinda hang back and do my role or invent excuses for not having a mic. For now, most people will just go away after week 3 of Amazon not sending me a new mic to replace the one I RMA on week 1(wink wink nod nod:) since, there is still text based chat. VOIP only is a no go for me.Plus, If there's no Text chat chances are there won't be any real social stuff beings said during snore phases..because there won't be any lol(I don't talk but I love to listen to funny comment. Ironically, I hate quiet guilds).

  • Mitch Gant

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with offering such a thing as an option (not mandatory) in any game. Why confine oneself?

    • The argument against it that Shurelya made on the podcast was that it could become an "expected" thing and some people play MMOs to get away from things and don't want to talk. Tools exist already outside the game that are super accessible.

      But I think it should be an optional thing, especially since in most cases everyone doesn't need to talk. Usually 1person just needs to explain some things.

  • Suiko

    I am okay with voice chat existing in games but find auto-enabled (forced) voice chat very annoying especially when I cannot disable it.

    • Completely agree. Voice chat ought always be optional. Players need to have power in how they interact with others.

  • it will be great to use at an dungeon or while fight an boss

  • Big Boss

    well in our case when our guild go on a raid or dungeon we always use facebook voice chat to communicate..first we do a group call then we go to play game..easy we don't need a mmo games to have VOIP.