The Weekly Raid: Should MMORPGs Have In-Game Voice Chat?

Sometimes dungeons can be so hectic and involved that it's hard to type to your group members. Not that it matters. In most MMORPGs, group content is a snore, with no need to communicate. Does that mean we shouldn't talk at all?

A part of me thinks an in-game voice chat (VOIP) would let people talk nonsense during a dungeon—or whatever—and give a sense of presence to the other avatars in your group. But then another part of me thinks no one would make use of such a system. You would end up hearing somebody's parrot mockingly squawk their mother's aphorisms because they didn't know their mic was on.

So, maybe the fact that most MMORPGs don't have VOIP is for very good reason. Or, maybe the lacking communication system is an oversight.

Should MMORPGs have in-game voice chat? Let us know in the comments below!

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