The Weekly Raid: Do You Care About World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft revolutionized the MMORPG genre when it first launched in 2004. It quickly accumulated millions of monthly subscribers, dwarfing all previous records set my the genre. For years it has continued to retain its crown despite a wave of premium MMORPG contenders. Warhammer Online, Star Wars The Old Republic, and many others were billed as WoW killers whose aim fell far short of their mark.

14 years later and World of Warcraft is still the top subscription MMORPG. By total revenue WoW is beaten only by Dungeon Fighter Online and Fantasy Westward Journey Online 2 due to their entrenched playerbase in China.

With a new expansion, Battle for Azeroth, and an official Classic server in development, it looks like World of Warcraft will remain a fixure of the MMOPRG scene for many years to come.

With that said, it often seems World of Warcraft is so large that it forms an orbit all of its own. Active WoW players have no need to venture outside the game while MMORPG players who don't play WoW are not all that interested in following its ongoing development despite its enormous influence on the genre. So the question we ask this week is: do you care about WoW? Do you still play it? Do you read the major announcements regarding the juggernaut of the genre? Let us know!

Lifelong gamer always looking for the next virtual adventure. I'm still waiting for the next big MMORPG. Until then, you can find me hopping between multiple games.

  • SodaBubblies

    Played it for about 5 minutes during that free trial thing, got bored, then uninstalled. Since then, I have not touched WoW, nor have I had any further interest to. So, in short, do I care about WoW? Not really.

    • TianlanSha

      I think you played with the mindset that you won't play ever again. I played on private servers for 11 years and still playing, the game is probably the best MMORPG there is.

    • ivan_

      Same, but to be fair my start with WoW was WoW clones like perfect world and Jade Dynasty. so trying WoW for the first time, in 2015-2016, even after their graphics update just felt like the game was way too old + ugly looking.

      Graphics are a big deal to me, and while I can stomach the look of newer WoW content, they never updated a lot of zones. The only reason I care is because everyone else uses it as a benchmark, so I have to keep up to follow discussions (but don't need to play it thankfully)

      • Michael Carroll

        I doubt many even have a computer that can run wow maxed. It is one of the best graphics engines I have seen. Just look at the worgan starting zone, that puts 1000s of worgens on the screen and doesn't lose that many fps. The animations and graphics in wow are really good, and it requires a high end computer to play it on 4k with max aa. If you us the smaa 4x and cmaa which looks even better, a 1080ti and a 8700k 5ghz isnt even enough.

        Wow is the only mmo engine I have seen without horrid pop ins, great animations, and can be run on a low end computer or high end computer.

        I haven't really played it that much, but the little I have played it which I just started, i def see why people say other games are not as good.

        The graphics are def better than BDO, which has such a bad pop in, it looks like your vision is like 10 feet in front of you.

        Though to you apparently the only thing you look at is character models.

  • Michael Carroll

    I think wow is def relevant to mmos. I just started playing it recently, but with the game engine being as smooth as it is, the quests being entertaining, the good storyline, and the plethora of other features it has, there really isn't a mmo that compares.

  • Zariarn

    I stopped playing it back in 2007. On occasion I'll hop back on whenever they send me a welcome back freebie week just to see whats up. I don't care for the game anymore. Everything became to easy and carebear. Special items or mounts use to mean something. Now anyone can get them easily. I also don't like the direction it took on Horde vs Alliance. The constant fighting between each side use to mean something. Also, the main original cities are barren. It's not fun walking into a barren Stormwind.

    And the motorcyles are stupid.

  • I personally care about WoW purely from an industry watcher perspective. It's a good barometer of where MMORPGs are at the moment. I don't intend on returning to WoW. I had the most fun during Vanilla and returned during mists of pandaria just to level to max and see new content and wasn't super happy with it.

  • Of course I care about WoW, I always cared about WoW. I been playing it since 2007 on and off. No matter how many times I keep trying to convince myself that I'd quit one day, I keep coming right back. Maybe I'm addicted to it, maybe it really is a good/bad mmorpg, but I think I finally figured out why I keep coming back to it.

    For starters, with it being one of my most played mmorpgs of all time, I've grown accustomed to knowing almost the whole game inside and out. No matter what, whenever I login after a while the first thing I do is set my hotkeys/keybindings/etc. I've made a mental note to have it set precisely based on my playstyle, and it always worked. But this is only the beginning.

    Second, I became fascinated with the game right off the bat when I first logged in to play on a private server. I wanted to get to know everything about the game, basically immerse myself into it. I was young and naive back then, so being able to play a large scale mmorpg such as this back in the day was overwhelming. Better mmorpgs come and go, but I became too attached to WoW by that point because there was always something new to explore everyday.

    Third, the gameplay. I started off as a clicker, and eventually progressed to a keybinder. This has helped me in alot of ways in how to play the game in its fast paced environment. Weather its pve, pvp, or generally exploring the overworld, combat is fluid and responsive. I can't begin to count how many times I've gotten into the thick of the action on a melee character, with some custom music playing in the background to make it look even more awesome.

    And finally, the story. I started midway in The Burning Crusade on a private server, and officially bought the game in Wrath of the Lich King. I like the fact that those two expansions are a sequel to everything that transpired following the end of Warcraft 3, so I was totally hyped for the two. As for Cataclysm and beyond, each expansion has had their pros and cons, but I keep coming back to the game in hopes that they would wrap the expansion up in a strong setting.

    Now that BfA has been announced, I can honestly say its another expansion I'll pick up. I play this game in conjunction with FFXIV, if I'm not subbed to one game I'm subbed to the other. I keep coming back to WoW, simple because its the mmorpg I've known and grown accustomed to playing all these years and at the end of the day...stick with what you know.

  • Nubatron

    Played it for quite a few years. I came to love the lore, then went on to WC3 and novels. At this point I'm pretty good at it, but for a while now it feels like every expansion is shitting into the lore and trying to make it sensible. I was still alright with Mists of Pandaria, except the part where they completely forgot how Garrosh acted when Thrall was aggressively pushing the title of Warchief on him. Also his other moments and just made him a straight out villain, because why not. Then we had Warlord of Draenor, which is nothing more than a side story. Legion redeemed a lot of things, but there were still "confusing" elements. Things like reviving Illidan again and completely changing all his motives and whatnot (though Burning Crusade is more to blame on this part). Then we got that ending for Argus.
    tldr: I watch the cinematics and read some quest text for the lore, but that's about it. I'm back to Guild Wars 2.

  • braneman

    I care about it, but I keep feeling like the developers are ad odds with fun, with the way Transmog is implemented, their stance on flying in expansions, Suramar, the entire Legion Legendary system.

    My posterboy for bad game design Demonology Warlocks in Legion, my GOD do they hurt to play, most people I've heard talk about them say you need 30% haste for them to be playable and 50%+ for them to be fun. Even then all you're doing is maintaining your demons, you aren't attacking you're constantly re-summoning and then re-buffing them.

    I like wow, some of my favorite memories with my friends are learning how to raid in WOW LK, but right now it seems like the devs are bull-headed and will stay the course with stupid come what may. So I care a LOT less about it now than I did in the past because the developers seem hellbent on never backing down on their worst ideas that everybody hates.