The Weekly Raid: Do You Care About World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft revolutionized the MMORPG genre when it first launched in 2004. It quickly accumulated millions of monthly subscribers, dwarfing all previous records set my the genre. For years it has continued to retain its crown despite a wave of premium MMORPG contenders. Warhammer Online, Star Wars The Old Republic, and many others were billed as WoW killers whose aim fell far short of their mark.

14 years later and World of Warcraft is still the top subscription MMORPG. By total revenue WoW is beaten only by Dungeon Fighter Online and Fantasy Westward Journey Online 2 due to their entrenched playerbase in China.

With a new expansion, Battle for Azeroth, and an official Classic server in development, it looks like World of Warcraft will remain a fixure of the MMOPRG scene for many years to come.

With that said, it often seems World of Warcraft is so large that it forms an orbit all of its own. Active WoW players have no need to venture outside the game while MMORPG players who don't play WoW are not all that interested in following its ongoing development despite its enormous influence on the genre. So the question we ask this week is: do you care about WoW? Do you still play it? Do you read the major announcements regarding the juggernaut of the genre? Let us know!

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