The Weekly Raid: Do MMORPGs Still Have Room For Elite Content?

For years now there has been a trend among games in general and MMORPGs in particular to make them more accessible by lowering the difficulty of their content. A recent game launch and a patch highlight this trend.

With the release of Patch 4.1, Final Fantasy XIV unveiled a new dungeon. This new 24 man raid was not meant to be particularly difficult, so some players were surprised to learn that several best-in-slot gear would drop.

Perhaps a worse offender is the blockbuster MMOFPS Destiny 2 which removed difficulty modes in its Campaign and severely reduced the overall difficulty. Players are complaining that the content is braindead easy and severely detracts from the experience. Youtuber BdobbinsFTW put it best in an 11 minute video which I highly recommend.

With such a clear trend across genres of dumbing down content, is there still any room for Elite content in MMORPGs today? Check out the podcast for our thoughts and share yours below!

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