The Weekly Raid: Are PC MMORPGs Dead?

Flanked by the ever increasing market share of mobile games and the lack of interest among the major publishers in bringing a new MMORPG to market, things look grim for the PC MMORPG genre.

That's not to say its all bad news. We're still getting a steady release of smaller titles. Just this week we saw the reveal of Ascent: Infinite Realm by Bluehole and Kakao Games. Old favorites are making a comeback: World of Warcraft announced both a new expansion and a Classic server project at Blizzcon. Quasi-MMORPGs like Warframe and Path of Exile have both seen huge content updates this year and despite its shortcomings, Destiny 2 at least shows that some big studios are still willing to take triple-A budget style chances on the genre.

There are other factors to consider as well: the high end PC market continues to grow, yet total PC sales have been declining for years. A quick Google Trends search shows interest in the genre has been declining for several years now.

No one knows what the future holds, but its fun to speculate! Share your thoughts below!

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