The Weekly Raid: Are PC MMORPGs Dead?

Flanked by the ever increasing market share of mobile games and the lack of interest among the major publishers in bringing a new MMORPG to market, things look grim for the PC MMORPG genre.

That's not to say its all bad news. We're still getting a steady release of smaller titles. Just this week we saw the reveal of Ascent: Infinite Realm by Bluehole and Kakao Games. Old favorites are making a comeback: World of Warcraft announced both a new expansion and a Classic server project at Blizzcon. Quasi-MMORPGs like Warframe and Path of Exile have both seen huge content updates this year and despite its shortcomings, Destiny 2 at least shows that some big studios are still willing to take triple-A budget style chances on the genre.

There are other factors to consider as well: the high end PC market continues to grow, yet total PC sales have been declining for years. A quick Google Trends search shows interest in the genre has been declining for several years now.

No one knows what the future holds, but its fun to speculate! Share your thoughts below!

Lifelong gamer always looking for the next virtual adventure. I'm still waiting for the next big MMORPG. Until then, you can find me hopping between multiple games.

  • darkfyra

    Well mobile mmos are crap and I will continue to use my brain and play PC mmos,they are dumbed down automated crap for dumb people that love getting ripped off.

    • Preciel

      on the bright side we can now discover how many idiots exist in this world ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • darkfyra

        Sure ^^ but I wish this automated madness stop,it make no sense.Games are meant to be played,right?

        • Preciel

          honestly i see why they added the automated crap, it gets tedious killing monsters in browser / mobile games and people get tired and leave. it works quite well in a grindy openworld pvp game like lineage M where you switch out of auto combat to pk players. i would have played yugioh duel links longer if i could auto duel npcs, i got bored of the game because i got tired of fighting random npcs, the pvp was awesome :/

          • darkfyra

            The solution would be to improve the gameplay,make better quests(less fetch quests),make it more enjoyable to play and have less emphasis on random encounters.

    • The irony is people buy into it anyway, so mobile devs just keep going. Supply and demand my friend.

      • darkfyra

        Why do we don’t live in a world where quality rule?Those are not games,they play themselves and it make me fear for the current audience intelligence.

        • Quality PC mmorpgs have been around since forever, I still play WoW and FFXIV which are good examples, although those are mostly sub based than anything else. F2p mmos are still good, although I barely have time to play them since I only got time for either of the previously mentioned two while working.

          • darkfyra

            Recently got into Warframe and went back to Path of Exile,also except Like a Boss(where you play a videogame boss) that I played before,I found two great mobile free titles that are not automated(Bladebound and The Alchemist Code)

          • I've seen my share of good mobile and pc mmorpgs, although mobile games are growing on me. Not because of the automated combat or the pay2win, but me and some friends play a handful of mobile games that stand out from the bunch. Also I can't drag my pc with me to play games whenever I want (laptops aren't in my budget)

          • darkfyra

            I tend to only see great ports,rarely actual mobile games

  • Boltonsquad

    I personally don't play any PC MMO's at the moment, none of them can keep me occupied for long periods of time like WoW used to.

    I only ever play RPG's and ARPG's now on PC, I still play MMO's on mobile with Lineage 2 Revolution coming this will be most of my free time.

    • darkfyra

      Seriously it will play itself and be pay2win so why bother?Buy a premium game instead or hey I did found three really nice free2play rpgs with actual depth and no autoplay in sight.

      • Boltonsquad

        I don't mind autoplay to get through the story of the game, the actual game starts when you begin clan vs clan PvP.

        I also don't mind spending money on games either, I will play it on my PC however through Bluestacks.

        • darkfyra

          My iPad Air lagged like crazy when I checked if it was actually that bad

  • TianlanSha

    I will always prefer PC MMOs to mobile ones. Mobile ones are basic, limited, cumbersome, P2W, shallow and it just feels wrong playing such a "demanding" game on a handheld device.

    If everything fails, the WoW private servers for older versions remain, I can see myself still playing old WoW versions in 10 years.

    • darkfyra

      Me too,also they use the disgusting autoplay system that should have never existed,games should be played!

  • HNN

    Low dev cost, mobile with an incredible market penetration, it's sad that PC mmos aren't as popular. Everytime I see an article about a new mmo, it's on mobile and I get super disappointed and I'm a fan of mobile games lol

    • darkfyra

      You like watching a bot play for you and getting treated like a baby?!?

      • Doby Gillis

        You really are an arrogant t w a t.

        • darkfyra

          Well I like playing my games....

  • daemontoolslite

    Well really it's because of china. I remember watching a documentary about how video game consoles became legal in china back in 2015 and they STILL dont get all the games we do. I remember one electronic store only had 3 or 5 ps4 and xbox one games. Games go through a very strict/sad/thorough process just to make it into the chinese market. While other countries might have 50 games on the shelves, china, will only have maybe 4 or 7. So for them, the mobile industry is their escape for gaming.
    I kinda see why the mobile market is doing so well

    • daemontoolslite

      That's also why they had all the fake knock off consoles and games. At a point, I feel really bad for them.

    • darkfyra

      So all they know is automated crap,poor people....they never played a real game

  • Yea Right

    I wish something new and exciting would come out that does something completely different. I find myself always going back to WoW for the simple fact that it has done the MMO formula so well that most other MMO's just tend to have no choice but to stick to that same formula. So in the end I just feel like why bother playing something else when WoW gets an update every few months, where as other MMO's have a much lower budget, so updates come less frequently. I'm still hanging on to hope that some company will some day release an MMORPG with the combat system in Dark Souls but with the open world of Skyrim.

  • Locke Kosta

    I think the genre is just stale. It needs new ideas and that next big game to rejuvenate interest. It'll happen eventually.

  • EazyMakaveli