The Weekly Raid: The Road To G-Star 2018

G-Star, Korea’s marquee gaming trade show kicks off on November 15 in the port city of Buson. While most of the announcements made at G-Star only immediately effect the Korean market, the out sized influence Korea exerts in global PC & mobile gaming market makes the trade show well worth following for gamers across the world. Odds are the games announced this week will eventually find their way to the West, even if does sometimes take several years.

Here's a quick run down of some of the biggest names at G-Star. Often big studios will hold seperate media events prior to G-Star's start date, for the sake of brevity we've included games announced at such events here as well.

Nexon: 11 Mobile / 3 PC
PC - Dragon Hound, Astellia, Ascendant One
Mobile - Four Towers, Dave, Running Man Heroes, Lyn: The Light Bringer, Mabinogi Mobile, Country of the Wind: Yan (N:TK), Spirit Wish, Counter-Side, Crazy Arcade BnB M, Tales Weaver M, TRAHA

NCSoft: All Mobile
Mobile - Aion 2, Blade & Soul 2, Blade & Soul M, Blade & Soul S, Lineage 2M
PC - Project TL not mentioned at media conference. No updates.

Mobile - A3: Still Alive

Icarus M, Mir 4, Mir Mobile, Legend of Mir 2 Reboot (licensed game)

Lost Ark deserves a special mention as it released into open beta this week (Nov 7) in Korea after spending 7+ years in development and with a budget of over $88 million so far. Its also very likely we in the West will be getting Lost Ark before China, largely due to China's ongoing game approval freeze.

Are you following G-Star? What games are you most interested in, and how do you feel about the growing prominence of mobile games in the industry? Let us know below!

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