The Weekly Raid: Is Temtem The Pokemon MMORPG We've All Been Waiting For?

On May 29, 2018 a new MMO project launched its Kickstarter campaign and quickly shot past its modest $70,000 funding goal. While most MMO Kickstarter campaigns promise a litany of ground breaking features, Temtem stood out for a different reason.

Crema, the Madrid, Spain based studio behind Temtem, is developing an unapologetic Pokemon clone with MMORPG elements. The Steam page, which is already live, clearly states that Temtem is inspired by Pokemon so there's no ambiguity there. Despite the harsh implication behind labeling something a 'clone', Temtem seems like an extremely high quality project. From the art to the features offered, Temtem sounds exactly like the Pokemon MMORPG we've all be waiting for... expect without the Pokemon.

Most startling of all, according to the official Timeline provided on Kickstarter, Temtem will be fully released within 2 years. A playable Alpha will be available by November 2018. While Clema is an existing games studio with several small titles behind their belt, that timeline still strikes us as ambitious.

Unlike many Kickstarter MMORPGs, Crema isn't just pitching us an idea here. The game has been in development for nearly a year already, and there seems to be enough clips and gifs to prove that point. The fact that Temtem can just copy all the technical aspects and gameplay mechanics from Pokemon mean its not implausible for Crema to meet their schedule.

Temtem seems like a perfect casual MMORPG, but there may be more pushback than Crema anticipates from Nintendo or the community. How close of a clone is too close? Even diehard Pokemon fans may benefit from Temtem, as it may force Nintendo to respond with a Pokemon MMO of their own!

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