The Weekly Raid: Are You Tired Of Old MMORPG Re-Launches?

We try to cover every MMORPG release here at Sometimes that involves shiny new games or expansions. But too often these days the MMORPGs that "launch" are years old and are on their second, third, of even forth re-release. Its almost like a game of MMO hot potato with old games bouncing from one publisher to the next.

Most of these old re-launched games end up on Steam, but there are other publishers who indulge in nostalgia as well. En Masse has gone this route by picking up the license to the old FPS Alliance of Valiant Arms and an old Korean MMORPG called Kritika which originally launched in 2013.

So, dear viewer, what do you think? Are you happy to see old games see new life or would you rather leave the past behind and focus on what's to come?

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