The Weekly Raid: Are You Tired Of Old MMORPG Re-Launches?

We try to cover every MMORPG release here at Sometimes that involves shiny new games or expansions. But too often these days the MMORPGs that "launch" are years old and are on their second, third, of even forth re-release. Its almost like a game of MMO hot potato with old games bouncing from one publisher to the next.

Most of these old re-launched games end up on Steam, but there are other publishers who indulge in nostalgia as well. En Masse has gone this route by picking up the license to the old FPS Alliance of Valiant Arms and an old Korean MMORPG called Kritika which originally launched in 2013.

So, dear viewer, what do you think? Are you happy to see old games see new life or would you rather leave the past behind and focus on what's to come?

Lifelong gamer always looking for the next virtual adventure. I'm still waiting for the next big MMORPG. Until then, you can find me hopping between multiple games.

  • Some "Icon" games i think its ok... but take Myth of Soma (greenlight) for example. Some old games MUST die in order for their devs make something better. Not revive it from nowhere to be able to milk every last drop of it!

  • A lot of older games with like no players just need to be left alone to die. It's painful seeing them brought back again and again. Like Divine Souls. No one plays it. Just let it die already

  • Augosyx

    Some games die for a reason. Lack of playerbase, content, support, etc. If reviving a game only yields the same result, then there's no point in doing so, even if it's for nostalgia sake, I'm pretty sure those said players probably just move on to another game.

  • There's a good chunk of games that died I mostly played because of a single feature. However, I would love to have Archlord 1 and 2 back. Before moving to WoW, I played a bunch of AL1 and a bit of AL2 afterwards when it was becoming a thing.

  • Balthoz

    About 10 years ago, me and a good friend pretty much played every MMO available at sites like and ofcourse mmohut ^_^. All games we played were good, awesome and original and most important, they were ALL very populated, so many players in all those game we tried at least over 100 games all heavy populated. now you are lucky to find 1 medium pop RPG. to be honest besides WoW, Final Fantasy XIV and a few other games like that all other games are dead. completely dead. I'd say lets indeed let those games in the past cuz they are never gonna rise again. Lets focus on the new upcomming MMO's. some of those are pretty promissing. All I hope is that players give those games a chance once more and populate them like many gamers once populated those houndreds of games!

  • CastleMerde

    Bring back Chronicles of Spellborn you sons of carrots!