Bless Unleashed Kicks Off New PvP Season, Adds New Lair Challenge And Field Boss

bless unleashed elfirkraag void soulraiser banner

If you’re itching for a fight in Bless Unleashed, then the game’s latest update has you covered. Take your pick from a massive fire-breathing dragon, an angry spectral mage, or each other as a new PvP season begins.

The October update rolled out over the weekend changing the Time Dungeon rotation and adding the new Infernal Execution Grounds lair challenge where the giant dragon Elfirkraag awaits. The Infernal Execution Grounds is open to players level 40 and above with a minimum gear score of 1516. Once you’re done with Elfirkraag, you can also take on a new Lv. 42 field boss called the Twisted Void Soulraiser in North Sperios for a chance at scoring more loot.

If PvP is more to your liking, then it’s time to queue up for the Battlefield or Warlords Arena as the new PvP season, called Rising Dawn, officially begins. PvP rewards can be obtained by completing weekly missions from the Battlefield and Warlords Arena throughout the new season. A 1v1 Duel option has also been added for those who prefer to fight mano a mano.

The update also introduces several class changes and adds a chance to get an alchemy stone when salvaging S-level equipment along with smaller tweaks to other in-game systems. Check out the full patch notes on the Bless Unleashed Steam Page for a detailed rundown of the changes.

Bless Unleashed PC - Infernal Execution Grounds (업화의 처형장)

Bless Unleashed PC - Twisted Void Soulraiser (뒤틀린 공허의 유령 기사)


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