Chronicles of Elyria Shows off Character Creation

Upcoming sandbox fantasy MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria showed off character creation in an ~60+ minute video earlier this week with lead designer and head honcho Jeromy "Caspain" Walsh. Anyone interested in Chronicles of Elyria should definitely check it out. Chronicles of Elyria raised over $1.3m on Kickstarter in May, 2016 and has since raised additional funds through their webstore. The [...]

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Chronicles of Elyria Suffers Layoffs After Failing To Find Publisher

In their most recent State of Elyria post (dated Jan 17), Soulbound Studios confirms rumors that the Chronicles of Elyria team has had to let several staff go after failing to secure additional funding. Chronicles of Elyria initially raised $1.3 million via Kickstarter back in 2016 and has continued to raise additional funds through their website via Pledge Packages. Despite [...]

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A Big Set Back - Chronicles of Elyria Drops SpatialOS

Chronicles of Elyria announced today in a lengthy post that they will no longer be using SpatialOS and will instead work on in-house solutions. The game's developers cited "financial viability" of continuing to work with the folks at Improbable (SpatialOS Owner) to solve various problems that arose while using SpatialOS. Chronicles of Elyria Head Honcho (Founder) Jeromy "Caspian" Walsh explained: [...]

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Soulbound Studios Hires Former Revival Lead Designer To Work On Chronicles Of Elyria

chronicles of elyria forge

Soulbound Studios has brought in a new team member to work on Chronicles of Elyria. Adam “Snipehunter” Maxwell is now working as the Lead Designer for Soulbound’s upcoming fantasy MMORPG. Here’s a few excerpts from’s interview with Maxwell: “[Chronicles of Elyria] felt like it could deliver on the MMO dream of a true multiplayer evolving online world and realizing [...]

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