Phoenix Labs’ New Interactive Roadmap Reveals Future Plans For Dauntless

dauntless slayers comic art

Development roadmaps are great for keeping fans interested in a game while letting them in on what’s going on behind the scenes. Phoenix Labs takes things one step further with an interactive roadmap for their monster-slaying game, Dauntless. The interactive roadmap lists new and exciting features that players can look forward to in the near future such as loadout presets, [...]

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You Gotta 'Lob' The New Dauntless Grenades

dauntless grenade aiming arc

Grenades, when used properly, can be highly-effective in neutralizing enemies in a small radius, or at least keep them at bay long enough for you to do something else. Now imagine using them against massive behemoths in Dauntless. Phoenix Labs will be introducing grenades into the monster-slaying MMORPG later today which should breathe new life into the game’s combat. Not [...]

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Dauntless Will Release ‘The Coming Storm’ In Parts, Shows Off Expansion Weapons And Gear

dauntless storm trees

The Coming Storm expansion will be making its way to Dauntless servers next week. But, instead of one massive content drop, Phoenix Labs has opted to roll out the expansion’s content by parts. “Instead of compiling content into one huge update and then waiting weeks to make adjustments, we’re going to start rolling out pieces of The Coming Storm as [...]

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