Ever, Jane Is Now In Free-To-Play Open Beta

Following a rather long Closed Beta, Ever, Jane, the roleplay-heavy MMORPG set in "Regency England and the works of Jane Austen," has finally entered a free-to-play Open Beta state. You can now download the game from the official website completely free of charge and begin your life in Regency England. As the game is free-to-play now, it is now supported [...]

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Ever, Jane


Ever, Jane was a MMORPG that focuses on party attendance, gossip, dinner parties, and role-playing in a Jane Austen-inspired world. Players build stories through their actions, while the game's quests are derived from player's actions and stories. Publisher: 3 Turn Productions Type: MMORPG PvP: Gossip System Release Date: September 14, 2016 Shut Down: December 20, 2020 Pros: +Dynamic story-telling. +Unconventional [...]

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